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The NEW Juicy Booty Scrub

JUICY Booty Body Scrub (Scented) WATERMELON

$59.99 $99.99

Brasil Naturals, (watermelon scented) Body Plumping Scrub WATERMELON scented! Has the stimulating ingredients like soy estrogen, coconut, Moroccan, and palm oil, along with our natural body butter like Brazilian Nut, and Shea Butter!

Enlarge your juicy booty and hips with our unique body plumping scrub herbal formula!

The Perfect Booty

Stimulate the growth of your BOOBS, BOOTY, & HIPS naturally!Moriche Palm’s all (NEW) Body Plumping Soap can be combined with our Body Plumping Creme to enhance RAPID GROWTH of the bust and booty! Our remarkable soap is made from the most strongest stimulating ingredients that work wonders! Made with plant hormones, skin toning natural oils, exotic herbal extracts, and organic butters. Lather our luxurious body plumping soap on the BUST, HIPS, and BUTTOCKS to sprout rapid growth while enhancing the size and shape of your booty and boobs naturally!

Call now to order 800-613-1032 or shop online shop.mypalmdiet.com

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Jayne Thompson on Moriche Palm (Bikini Diet)

The Moriche Palm Diet is my favorite diet! The Curvy Diet pills are made from all natural ingredients which help you lose inches off your waist without loosing your womanly curves! It’s really an amazing product the best on the market for getting a slender waist and fuller curves!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.11.45 AMThe herbal cream is amazing, the best bum contouring & enhancement cream EVER!! Ladies, i came across it the cream to gets rid of cellulite, lumps and bumps, uneven skin tone – yes it did work for me along with making my butt bigger, firmer rounder bum in just 2 weeks!!!!  I am a big believer in this product!!! And also the exceptional (customer service) I receive whenever I place an order with this company! Ladies, I LOVE it this (curvy-body-diet) so much and cannot stress how popular this diet is already amongst models and celebrities it’s just booming right now! I’ve got all my friends on the diet already and they just LOVE it! If you haven’t already tried it please do check out this one and only Moriche Palm (Bikini Diet) available online.


Also, be sure to checkout my instagram https://instagram.com/jaynethompson_/


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Moriche Palm is becoming America’s favorite Diet because women don’t just want to lose weight they actually want to sculpt their bodies at the same time. The all naturally diet is formulated with exotic fruits and berries and is also 100% stimulant and caffeine free! So what’s there not to love about this new Brazilian diet! And besides that the reviews on the diet is even better women from all over the world are saying wonderful things about the diet and how it’s helping them lose inches around their midsection’s all while helping them achieve a more curvaceous hourglass figure, they also report that the diet gives them a surge of energy, and stamina while boosting their own self confidence!

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Question & Answer: The Moriche Palm Talks Health & Fitness!

Hello there, first of all thank you for sharing your comments and asking questions that so many ask us every day I’m happy to respond to you and many others!

Question #1

I know you said that there were no side effects while taking the product but are there any side effects afterwards? Maybe such as if you stop the supplement your butt starts to get smaller? Or maybe even the opposite and keeps growing?

Black-woman-thinking-wearing-glasses-on-whiteSome customers do report after they STOP taking our supplements and using our body plumping creams that they notice less fullness and roundness of their buttocks. Also customer report that whenever they stop working out or eating healthy they notice (unwanted) changes in their body. Therefore it’s very important to maintain a healthy diet and a regular workout routine to remain SLIM and use our herbal creme daily to maintain (curves).

Now, many customers do report that they maintain (better) results when the continue using our body plumping cream after they stop taking our supplements. The report that our creme helps them (keep their curves) naturally. However, nobody has reported that there butts have grown to an unwanted or abnormal size from using our products.

Question #2 

Also I know that the product make your butt bigger but what about your thighs? Can the Cream be put on your thighs so your butt gets big along with your thighs? Or will a person just have a big but and slim thighs? I have always wanted a small waist with thick thighs and a thick butt And I would hate to look unnatural because I have a big butt, small waist but thighs that do not match?

Many of our customers do use the cream on just their hips and buttocks only. Now, there’s nothing wrong with using the cream on your thighs – just remember to use it sparingly. The appropriate size of the cream is to be used for your hip and butt area only. If you order multiple bottles of the product you can use it on any area of your body he want to enhance!

Thank you so much for your questions and also for inquiring about products we hope this answers help resolve some of your concerns and we invite you to shop again with us but using the special promotional code: CurvyBlog

Could this diet be BETTER and SAFER than SURGERY!

A miracle diet from the country of Brazil! Many women are raving about the new “Moriche Palm Diet” claiming it to be better than surgery! The science behind the Brazilian Berry Diet, Moriche Palm is truly captivating. A complex blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and natural estrogen derived from real berries are released into the body to help you detox, cleanse, and reset your metabolism all while contouring your natural curves in just 4-6 weeks!Screenshot 2014-10-30 12.59.55

What is reality TV star Claudia Jordan of the show: The Real Housewives of Atlanta up to these day?

Reality TVSHOW The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.05.32 PMClaudia Jordan is a TV and radio host and the official spokesmodel for the new Moriche Palm Diet! Claudia recently moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles to shoot for her reality TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Before moving to Atlanta, CJ (Claudia Jordan) worked diligently on her fabulous body to keep that gorgeous shape, and she swears by eating clean and training 5x’s a week with her favorite diet the New Moriche Palm Diet! CJ takes two capsules of the new Brazilian Diet every day to maintain her flawless curvaceous hourglass figure!

Claudia Jordan’s ULTIMATE workout challenge! 

Are you ready to hit the gym and get SEXY-Fit with the beautiful Claudia Jordan! Get your daily balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals planned with the help of an expert! Our customized diet plan works wonders on your shape and you’ll even be assigned your very own health coach click her for more info: Customize Your Diet Just Like Claudia Jordan did! 

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Claudia’s Workout Routine!

Get Claudia Jordan’s fresh squeezed Green JUICE slim-fast drink mix, or her high protein MILK diet to boost your results overnight! Workout smarter and not harder CJ’s fitness routine is a monster but she knocks it out in less than 30-minutes everyday! Wanna know her QUICK WORKOUT routine that burns fat while slimming the body fast!  Claudia turned 40 recently but she doesn’t look it at all! She has maintained her flawless figure even at 40 years old by simply taking the new Moriche Palm Diet! Turn heads and break hearts with a sexy toned body and flawless curves like Claudia Jordan by taking the ultimate Bikini Diet by the Moriche Palm!Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.06.13 PM

We are very excited that Claudia Jordan has made the decision to work with Herbal Tropics to help launch the Moriche Palm Diet. She is truly an inspiration to women everywhere that you can look amazing and shape your natural curves at any age.

 – Model/Actress Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan is currently working as a co-host on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and a frequent contributor on HLN’s Dr. Drew On Call. Before she became a media maven, she was a “Miss Rhode Island Teen USA” and “Miss Rhode Island USA” title holder. Claudia has also been a model on The Price is Right and Deal or No Deal. Most recently, the Rhode Island native appeared on NBC’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

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REAR VIEW Shape Your Booty and Body Like Rosa Acosta!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.36.58 PM

Every girl wants a booty like Rosa Acosta – why not shape yours naturally with the Brazilian Palm Diet.
Get off that butt and work it. Our fun fitness tips include Dancing, Zumba, and TWERKOUTS for an amazing workout coupled with a fun and invigorating experience.  Rosa Acosta takes Moriche Palm everyday to keep her body curvy, slim, and sexyfit. Check out the Moriche Palm Diet online today at http://www.MyPalmDiet.com

Let Moriche Diet Customize Your Diet & Fitness Plan

Do You Wanna Customized Your Diet & Fitness Plan Today?

0916f2db5a50d61c35070ff502a9f175No matter what your goals are -we guarantee your results! Reaching your goals is easy with a customized meal and fitness program that’s tailored specifically for your needs. No two individuals are the same, therefore if you’re looking to take your routine to the next level. Now let’s get started building your customized fitness program. Just call us 24/hrs a day 800.613.1032 ask to speak with a certified health coach.

Achieving The Hourglass Curvier Sexier Shape You’ve Been Striving For!

Bootybabes, first things first. Let start with the proper diet and fitness plan. Have you heard of our Curvy Fitness Diet? Well, the guide provides a solution for educating you on proper diet techniques like helpful foods that boost your shape while trimming away belly fat.

Following a Customized Curvy Diet plan will help you achieve more significant results in the shortest period of time. The results are amazing imagine have a perfectly round backside and a sexy flat tummy!

Get stared with your CUSTOMIZED CURVY DIET plan!

Most girls make the mistake of working out for too long, or even too hard. By working out for longer periods of time you run the risk of leaning out your body too much. This can be a problem for someone who is looking to

The result is a muscular physic and flat gushy. Now that’s not what you came here for and that’s sure not what we’re going to give you! So you can go ahead and fire your trainer because you got a new coach on your side that’s going to help you successfully get the body you’ve been striving for!

The Belly FAT diet

How it works:

  • Step one: We have a representative ask you personal questions pertaining to your weight, size, and goal weight to help maintain a consistent, yet easy, workout schedule.
  • Step two: We have a health coach tailor a special diet plan just for you and your personal choices of food. This helps you lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF.
  • Step three: Receive your Customized Body Sculpting Program in the mail and begin your way to those SEXY CURVES!!

BEFORE and AFTER Photos !!

Screenshot 2014-07-30 17.22.34

ARE YOU READY to be Summertime FINE with the only Moriche Palm Diet??! This Brazilian Diet was formulated to help you Sculpt, Shape, and Define Curves all while helping LOSING WEIGHT naturally! HOW SEXY IS THAT MAMA! 

FINALLY YOU CAN ACHIEVE Sculpted Curves, A Sexier Tush, Slimmer and More Sleek Waistline all in just a few weeks – Now who wouldn’t want that?

Just follow our easy diet program which includes following our Brazilian – Curvy Diet eating plan while taking 2 capsules of our slimming supplements each day followed by the application of our  HERBAL BUTTOCKS (firm & Tone) cream designed to give your TUSH a perkier and firmer appearance – Slim down and GET A BETTER buttocks with our remarkable cream – and the results are noticed in just WEEKS!!!

Here’s What most CUSTOMERS are saying after being on the diet for 60-days!

“The combination of the fresh ingredients in the Moriche Diet supplements like Acai Berries, Plantains, and Palm Fruit all release vitamins, minerals, and nutrients back to your body, helping to boost-up your metabolism and estrogen at the same time. The result is a slim figure with curves! I tried the diet to naturally stay slim while also accentuating my shape and curves! Honestly my body has never looked so good! The diet is the best choice for women who desire an hourglass physique! I give the diet TWO THUMBS-UP for being the best ever natural diet for weight loss combined with body sculpting! Whooray! Moriche Diet is here to stay… now go MAXIMIZE YOUR CURVES ladies”!

– Customer Review

“My butt got like way firmer after using the cream, I almost didn’t believe it, and I started losing the weight fast I went from 190lbs down to 150lbs in just 60-days! And I had so much energy! I love this diet it’s truly the best thing I’ve ever tried before!!

-Ana O.

Just another happy customer who’ve used our remarkable diet to slim down and keep her beautiful curves! Shop now online and SAVE 30% at MORICHEPALMDIET.COM 

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