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Rose Finds Herself Pleasantly Surprised at her Results… Read her Story Below!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.48.23 PMHey Bootybabes, yall, still not convinced??? 
Of the dramatic difference you’ll see within the first month of purchasing your supply of Moriche Palm Diet? Just read what Rose has to say about her experience after being on the New Moriche Palm Diet for less than 2-months she had already noticed a dramatic difference. Here review and testimonial is truly remarkable. Many customers just like Rose have felt the same way about the Moriche Palm diet so it’s with great joy to bring you yet another customer review of our amazing diet. 

“Before I started taking the Moriche Palm Diet,  I did a lot of research on other supplement companies and products, comparing them all to one another. After trying many different types and brands of creams, potions, and pills to contour my figure, I found myself more than a few dollars short and, needless to say, more than disappointed. Despite my better judgement, I went with the cheaper brand.

“Then I ordered a two month supply of the Moriche Palm diet supplement… and to my surprise, in about 3 weeks, I noticed a rounder, firmer, cellulite free rump with no added weight to my waist.

“I feel like I now have the perfect butt, lol. I was honestly shocked and pleased at the same time that I had finally found a safe, side-effect free product that actually works.

“I was even surprised at the expedited shipping: the delivery time was quick and easy. The product actually arrived before the estimated delivery date. I can’t wait to stock up on my next batch of supplements.

“The New Moriche Palm Diet” 
One of the absolute best diet’s in America is taking my body to its fullest potential, and has boosted my confidence tenfold. I feel like a new woman… Thanks Moriche Palm Diet.”

—Rose H.

Hey Ladies, Have you tried the New Moriche Palm Diet? It’s truly a remarkable diet! If you’ve been shopping online in the diet-crazed world – look no further!

My Name is Jackie, I’m from Ohio. 

Now, get off the diet treadmill (literally). Yes, I am talking to you. and just thirty days ago I was TEN pounds heavier. And I was not happy with my appearance. Simply I was not happy with who I was and I was not happy about how I was.

IMG_3461I had enough of feeling bad and not looking my best. I began my quest looking for the best diet everything but one product stood apart from the rest. Moriche Palm Diet was the only product on the market that I saw that mentioned not only keeping your curves but Moriche Palm Diet promotes and explains about enhancing your curves.

Ladies, I am not a stick figure nor did I want to become one. I am definitely all woman with curves that I did not want to lose.

Although I purchased the supplements for a two month supply I noticed results within the first thirty days. My buttocks looks amazing, I really love the roundness and fullness to my shape! It’s firm again too LOL hallelujah ! My hips, thighs and buttock are definitely tighter. My waist is smaller as a whole, and my curves have been naturally enhanced.

Ladies my hair dresser noticed a difference my friends are saying how good I look. The best reaction is from my boyfriend. I never knew he could smile this much!

Ladies I feel better and I look better! Moriche Palm Diet works! It has enhanced my life… let Moriche Palm Diet enhance yours too.

Drop Weight Even Faster with Moriche Diet!!

Slim dScreen Shot 2013-07-10 at 11.34.06 PMown without sacrificing your curves with the Moriche Palm Brazilian Diet supplement combo.

The supplements and the herbal creme were both formulated to work together helping you achieve maximize results. Defining a slim and seductive waistline while also enhances sexy curves! The Alfalfa in our formula helps you detox and boost energy levels, the ACAI berry extract helps speed up the metabolism naturally containing NO stimulants. And atlas the Moriche Palm fruit extract will help you boost estrogen to help you form the natural curves of your shape adding that fullness and volume where you needed it most! Pair our supplements with our buttocks firming all natural herbal creme to achieve a naturally curvaceous and firmly sculpted buttocks easily – just give us 14-days and you’ll finally achieve the body you’ve been striving for!

Go ahead and Maximize your Curves while Losing Weight even faster and more naturally! Order yours today now available online at MYPALMDIET.COM

Calculating Body Mass Index (BMI).

Screenshot 2014-05-11 22.03.37Finding Your BMI – Lose Weight Naturally, Regain Health & Stamina

After an entire year of struggling with the feeling of being sluggish, unmotivated, and overall feeling unhealthy I decided to check my Body Mass Index and to my surprise I was shocked to learned that I was moderately overweight.

After learning the connection between maintaining my weight in relation to my height according to the Body Mass Index Chart I realized I could control the effects of the sluggish feeling and being unmotivated by keeping the both in balance. This information was an integral part to my weight loss and maintenance of the weight loss and to my overall health improvement.

After taking the Moriche Palm Diet my the diet helped me lose the weight and I was able to get back to a healthy (BMI) and new level of energy has greatly improved along with a fun and fantastic life style! Share my story with the world and achieve the body of your dreams with the hottest diet from Brazil the Moriche Palm Brazilian Diet!

Boost Your Curves, Trim Your Core!

SBTW_1Give Your Backside A Boost!

If you’re looking to enhance your curves and slim your mid-section, check out the Moriche Palm Diet!  This all-natural system is ideal for who are naturally thin and wish to increase their curves, as well as naturally voluptuous women who want to accentuate their shape.  The secret of the diet is in its natural formula, which includes:

  • Moriche palm fruit – This fruit is high in vitamins and antioxidants, as well as containing natural estrogen which promotes healthy weight gain in the hips and buttocks
  • Plantains – Much like bananas, plantains are rich in fiber, which is vital to a healthy digestive system, and potassium, which is an excellent source of natural energy
  • Acai berries – Acai provides an excellent source of natural sugars (which promote energy without the come-down present in a lot of processed sugars) as well antioxidants necessary for proper digestion
  • Alfalfa – Used for detoxification of the bladder, alfalfa is an important part of weight loss and cleansing the digestive system

Boost Your Metabolism and Slim Your Mid-Section!

The key to healthy curves is a toned, slim core.  This doesn’t just mean abdominals…the core consists of everything from your shoulders to your hips.  By combining the Shelf Booty Treadmill Workout routine and a short, intense core workout with the Moriche Palm diet, you can maximize your curves and greet the new year with a healthier you!

The Shelf Booty Treadmill Workout

Begin with a short warm up, no more than 45 seconds to a minute.  Once warm, increase your treadmill’s incline until it reaches the highest setting, and walk for 30 seconds at 2.5 mph.  Follow with a 30 second rest period, and follow with 3.5 mph at the same incline setting for 20 seconds.  Repeat this until you reach 15 minutes.

After the treadmill portion of the workout, you’re ready to move on to tightening and defining that core!

  • Planks:  Hold a push-up position (back/legs straight, feet together), rest on your elbows while tightening your stomach and glutes while holding a neutral neck.  Hold this position for 15-25 seconds at a time, two separate sets.
  • Crunches:  Lying on your back with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent (hands folded behind head), sit up and bring your elbows to your knees.  Hold at the top for 1 second, repeat 5-7 repetitions, 2 separate sets.
  • Scissors:  Lying on your back, raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the ground.  Lower one leg until it reaches 6 inches above the ground, and switch legs, mimicking a scissor motion.  Repeat 5-7 repetitions per leg, 2 separate sets.
  • Twisting Crunches:  Beginning like regular crunches, however when sitting up, bring one elbow to the OPPOSITE knee.  Repeat 5-7 repetitions for each side, 2 separate sets.

And viola!!  You’re all finished, and well on your way to a CurvyFit lifestyle!!  Combine the Moriche Palm system with this short, effective workout to see real results and REAL curves!!

Burn 210 Calories In 15 Minutes!!

Hey Ladies, Do You Want To Learn A “Quick Way” To Burn Up To 210 Calories In A LITTLE AS 15 MINUTES A DAY?? While Boosting your Booty!

This is the number one exercise for building a round, firm, and sculpted backside with strong power house legs! The exercise will target problem areas like the Abs (Tummy), Quads (Front Thighs), Hamstrings (Back Thighs), Glutes (Butt Booster) &Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 6.33.22 PM Spinal Erectors (Lower Back) all of this in just one simple step! Jump your way to a firm backside and shapelier figure! The reason this exercise is so effective is the activation of your fast twitch muscle – jump squats activates those muscles in the booty that are the real key to building a bigger and better glute muscle naturally.

So simple anyone can do it! So what are you waiting for?? Grab a bottle of H2O, and let’s do this!! it’s just that easy! Follow the instructions below on performing a butt boosting (Jump Squat)!

Lower into a squat, then jump up, swinging your arms overhead and rotating 90 degrees to the left while in the air (b). Lower into a squat, then jump up and rotate to the right. That’s one rep.

Happy Jumping! Below I have listed some Bigger Booty Myths that a lot of women fall for, don’t be deceived these don’t work – save your time and efforts!

Bigger Booty Myths (Debunked):

  1. Eat junk food to grow a bigger butt / FALSE

The very opposite is true you should avoid junk foods that goes straight to your belly and opt for good fats like avacados, nuts, lean protein, and eggs.

      2.  Gain weight to grow a bigger butt / FALSE

The booty is made up of muscle and fat, you don’t have to gain weight to get a bigger buttocks – instead you should build muscle mass to create firmness and roundness. Exercises like the jump squat and dead-lifts help tremendously!

      3.  Drink ensure to grow a bigger butt / FALSE

This is the biggest myth of them all, you would do better off taking Moriche Palm Diet than doing that, our supplements stimulate estrogen to increase hormonal productions that’s responsible for naturally enhancing fuller bust, hips, and buttocks in a woman.

Do you know some crazy bigger butt myths share them with us?! We’re dying to know…. have a happy and healthy day!

Check Out The Moriche Palm Diet Herbal Supplements & Body Contouring Creme For AWESOME BODY SHAPING RESULTS. Get More Info At: or call 800-613-1032

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.38.22 AM

It’s not a look, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

The only trusted diet used by more models in Brazil to Sculpt & Shape Beautiful Curves!

Do your enlarged waistline need little help, or do your backside need some firming or contouring? If so, then you should try the Brazil’s hottest diet in America that’s helping women achieve sexy, shapely, and beautiful curves naturally! This brazilian diet is formulated with 5 advanced SUPER FOODS and organic ingredients that stimulant hormones while boosting your metabolism to Fill-Out, Enhance, and Round-Out Your Backside Into Bubble Butt Form all while Shrinking Stubborn Belly Fat! All you need is Brazil’s Curvy Diet to achieve your PERFECT FORM TO YOUR SHAPE!

Who Needs Our Curvy Diet? Our diet is recommend for women only who already have curves to keep and maintain your shapely form, and you also for women who need some enhancement, or (don’t) have curves to achieve the perfect form to your backside naturally without surgery!

Imagine a rounder firmer buttocks in just 30-days with Moriche Palm’s Brazilian Backside Diet!couponcode_ad1 Call for more information Now

Toll-Free | 1-800-613-1032 |

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