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The NEW Juicy Booty Scrub

JUICY Booty Body Scrub (Scented) WATERMELON

$59.99 $99.99

Brasil Naturals, (watermelon scented) Body Plumping Scrub WATERMELON scented! Has the stimulating ingredients like soy estrogen, coconut, Moroccan, and palm oil, along with our natural body butter like Brazilian Nut, and Shea Butter!

Enlarge your juicy booty and hips with our unique body plumping scrub herbal formula!

The Perfect Booty

Stimulate the growth of your BOOBS, BOOTY, & HIPS naturally!Moriche Palm’s all (NEW) Body Plumping Soap can be combined with our Body Plumping Creme to enhance RAPID GROWTH of the bust and booty! Our remarkable soap is made from the most strongest stimulating ingredients that work wonders! Made with plant hormones, skin toning natural oils, exotic herbal extracts, and organic butters. Lather our luxurious body plumping soap on the BUST, HIPS, and BUTTOCKS to sprout rapid growth while enhancing the size and shape of your booty and boobs naturally!

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