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Maximize Your Curves Now!


“Yes, I got my SHAPE back! And it only took me FIVE months!” I lost 20 pounds, FIVE inches, and got a booty, all in just 9 weeks with the Palm Fruit Diet! This wonderful diet sculpted my curves, slimmed my waistline, and shed my belly fat, now I look and feel better! – Zahara!

The Boom Boom Diet

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My name is Anita Perez, and I adore my body after following the Moriche Palm Bikini Diet! My waist is teeny tiny and my curves are bodacious! I really do love the supplement and the herbal creme!

“I take pride in keeping it ALL natural! Before the Brazilian Bum products, sad to say but my butt was sagging. I run, swim and squat with my curvy diet products and I love it!” ~Monique M, Brazil

The Moriche Palm (2-Step) Diet Plan, is an amazing 2 in 1 formula that’s designed to help you break down body-fat at your stomach and waist while cleansing and detoxing your body!


Elevate your mood and boost your energy levels while our diet stimulates your hormones to help you form the perfect hourglass figure naturally! The Moriche Palm (Weight-Loss Plan) include our slimming supplements (60 capsules) and our estrogen-boost body plumping creme!! SHOP NOW! 

Peanut Butter & Jelly!

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Bootylicious Backsides got us girls going jelly fish!!

By Alexa Cruz

Hii my names Stella, 24 years old, and single yet loving it so much right now!!

I have been taking Moriche Palm Diet for a good 3-months now and look where it got me! Lost 12lbs, gained a lean firm body, and a Natural BUTT! Like you wouldn’t believe how much stress and diet searching I had to go through because of my unfit body in general. Until Moriche Palm came to my life and gave me hope to shine again!

My favorite Butt Sculpting SECRET is the Moriche Palm Herbal Creme!

The Moriche Palm Herbal Creme is made from natural ingredients like Shea and Coco Butter along with Moriche Palm Fruit Oil to add fullness and firmness to your hips and buttocks area by plumping the fat tissues while hydrating the skin to smooth and tone stretch marks and scars. Enhance a firm and rounded buttocks naturally with our most advance herbal creme. This natural butt boost formula keeps your booty firm and high without shots and surgery.  ORDER NOW

Suddenly Curvy!


I got a BIG BUTT with @MorichePalm!

By Alexa Cruz

“Yes, it works! It didn’t take me long to see the results! My curves are fuller and more curvaceous and my waistline is slimmer and sexier and look at me now! It took only 3-months, after taking @MorichePalm I saw a difference right away! Now my boyfriend and my friends see the difference.”

NEW Herbal SlimWaist Tea

The all NEW Brazilian SlimWaist Herbal Tea! This magically herbal slimming tea burns belly and flattens the tummy while shrinking the waistline! You’ll noticed a slimmer waist with every cup! Banish your belly fat in just 14 days!!! Simply drink 3-cups a day of our delicious sweet tropical tea blends at morning, noon, and night!  

Unfortunately, we aren’t all as disciplined as we’d like to be! That’s why it’s so hard to lose weight. Often times our diets fail us and we consume more poor foods choices that are higher in fats,  grease, and oils! Fat is FAT and the result is a pot belly and an enlarged abdomen!

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 “OMG, I lost 3 inches with this AMAZING waist cinching herbal tea helps you burn off belly fat while slimming and defining your waistline”    —Debra Pitman. 

Brazil’s #1 Slim Waist Herbal Tea extract, finally you can CHEAT and eat whatever you want, just remember to drink a minimum of 3/cups of our natural detox slimming tea every day! And you’re forgiven, that’s right the magically tea cuts the fat, oils, and grease in all the bad fatty foods you consume and flushes it out of your system within 24/hours! 

Shop now for our delicious Herbal TEA (click here to order) Or CALL US (800) 613-1032

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