Rosa Acosta’s No-Diet Rule and The Moriche Palm

Ladies, isn’t about time, we started Slimming Down without DIETING!

Rosa Acosta is the sexiest woman alive; the video vixen got promoted for her breath-taken body curves and sultry poses in publications like Black Men, XXL, and KING magazine. Her body is a wow-factor, some call it a Bugatti, and therefore we’ll never question her sex appeal. But what does the Latin goddess do to keep her body in tip-top shape?

“Well, I’m never going to starve myself for a job, role, and or competition,” she insists. “I do exercise. But I don’t starve myself, I take natural supplements that promote a faster metabolism, I detox, and keep my figure with the all-natural Moriche Palm Diet!” Says Rosa Acosta.

Rosa is actually right – dieting can do more harm than good. Many models have fallen victims to poor eating habits, caffeine, crack diet pills and much more to maintain their figures. 70% of women in the entertainment industry alone have at some point or currently battling bulimia to maintain fame.

With the world telling us we have to be a size 2, it’s not a wonder girls are skipping meals, drinking caffeine, and popping pills. But, you really have to be cautious of these dangerous diet mentalities the produce poor habits that are difficult to break!


Most diet manufacturers pack their products on the market that taxing ingredients that shutdown and ruin your metabolism and your system. These big buck companies are killing folks by pumping up their system with harsh stimulants, artificial ingredients, and a whole lot of caffeine.

Experts agree that caffeine found in diet pills can produce poor sleeping, eating, and concentration habits. Many diet pills even trip up the mind to the point of feeling more emotions such as: Fear, Sadness, or Suspense afraid. Being mindful of what you put in your body is KEY, don’t be so quick to pop those pills! Read label first, and know the FACTs ask questions and find out what exactly is in that bottle of pills you’re about to take! Remember your life is most important along with your health.


Sensible eating is also important. Try eating healthy green organic foods and lean protein. Good fats are actually better for your health consuming more of these fats help with brain-power, focus, and overall health. Maintaining portion control can help you combat over-eating. I recommend eating only 1/2 of what you would normally eat on the plate.

Remember even the sexiest and most voluptuous women alive all have to maintain their bodies the same way you do! So don’t ruin your chances of success by making poor eating habits and bad diet choices! Success is not easy – but you’ve got to pay the cost to be the boss – so work for it. It’s worth it when you reap the rewards!


The next time you reach for a diet supplement, opt for one that’s naturally organic and stimulant free, like the Brazil Palm FruitDiet. It’s the only remarkable diet – that’s really Not-A-Diet, plus it actually works! The sultry model Rosa Acosta has been taking the The Moriche Palm Fruit for two years now to help her detox, slim down, and contour her curves to her shape. Now you too, can explore the Brazil natural curvy diet today! You’ll discover the benefits of the diet like: The Boost of Energy, Stamina, Enhanced MentalFocus, and Better Health!

To learn more about the palm fruit diet, simply check us out on the web, go ahead click on the link below, and start maximizing your curves today!

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