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“I Lost Weight and got my SHAPE back, in just FIVE months, with Moriche Palm Diet!

I’m not a supermodel, but some people think I am; especially after losing 20 pounds with Moriche Palm Diet. I do really look and feel GREAT at the same time! Plus my booty is perfectly round and my shape curvaceous!

The all naturally organic Moriche Palm Fruit Diet from the country of Brazil helped me sculpt my curves while losing weight, the all new revolutionary diet is definitely worth giving a try!! Look at me, in just FIVE months I got my curves back and it slimmed my waistline, and shed my belly fat!

“This must be what “SEXY” feels like thanks to Moriche Palm Diet I feel sexy everyday!” – Alice
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Moriche Diet mood is #HAPPY

Letting all those Happy-Feelings take over! 

Giggles, chuckles, oohlala, jahajahajah, haha, aahhh now that’s HAPPY? Can’t none bring me down right now, after listening to Pharrell’s H.A.P.P.Y song! Yes, it made my DAY, how funny this amazing song is just listening to it can completely change your mood! Gee, I love the song so very much that I honestly think I will play the track every morning before I head off to work! Not a bad idea, the happy song has a real positive effect on the mood, what a way to start your day!

So if you want a FRESH START arise HAPPY my bootybabes and brush your teeth while listening to  “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, it’s sure to put you in a GREAT mood for entire day!

Oh by the way, for kicks can you try doing that silly HAPPY DANCE to the Happy Song like the folks in Pharrell’s video? If you do post it on your social media and tag  #HAPPY247! I’ll be looking for you on my INSTAGRAM and VINE!!!

Rosa Acosta’s No-Diet Rule and The Moriche Palm

Ladies, isn’t about time, we started Slimming Down without DIETING!

Rosa Acosta is the sexiest woman alive; the video vixen got promoted for her breath-taken body curves and sultry poses in publications like Black Men, XXL, and KING magazine. Her body is a wow-factor, some call it a Bugatti, and therefore we’ll never question her sex appeal. But what does the Latin goddess do to keep her body in tip-top shape?

“Well, I’m never going to starve myself for a job, role, and or competition,” she insists. “I do exercise. But I don’t starve myself, I take natural supplements that promote a faster metabolism, I detox, and keep my figure with the all-natural Moriche Palm Diet!” Says Rosa Acosta.

Rosa is actually right – dieting can do more harm than good. Many models have fallen victims to poor eating habits, caffeine, crack diet pills and much more to maintain their figures. 70% of women in the entertainment industry alone have at some point or currently battling bulimia to maintain fame.

With the world telling us we have to be a size 2, it’s not a wonder girls are skipping meals, drinking caffeine, and popping pills. But, you really have to be cautious of these dangerous diet mentalities the produce poor habits that are difficult to break!

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