Spot the Bad People in Your Life!

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Why Do I Date Bad Guys

Dr. Phil to the rescue you guys! Though he seems to talk just because he likes to hear his own voice sometimes, there are some good bits of wisdom in these videos. He attempts to answer the question, “Should I tell my friend that their spouse/partner is cheating on them?” (Keep reading.)

A couple tips he gives about people in general: Beware of people who focus on you so much that you don’t take a close enough look at THEM… and while we’re usually brought up to give people the benefit of the doubt — DON’T, if they’re being assholes.

Here a couple memorable things he said about men/dating:

1) So say you get divorced/break up and then go out to dinner with your ex nine months later and think, “I miss him, that was nice, maybe things could work out.” Dr Phil says very accurately: “You don’t miss him, you miss the man you WISH he had been.”

2) Dr Phil compares dating people to looking at the Little Dipper. “You can’t SEE the Little Dipper, you have to fill in the gaps… You think, Well, he’s breathing…he has a car (maybe)…he told me I was pretty… The bigger the gap you have to fill, the bigger problem you got.”

Should I Tell My Friend Her Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her?

Do you tell someone about their spouse’s affair? “Depends on how good a friend they are and if you want to risk losing that friendship…because they’ll probably reconcile long enough to get rid of your meddling ass,” Dr Phil says. “You can say, ‘I’ve got bad feelings about this and here’s why — do what you want to do’…But most of the time, you’re not gonna come out okay.”

I told my friend once that her boyfriend was cheating on her — it was a complete mess at first, because I had to rat on my own boyfriend who I’d gotten the info from, but she ultimately got out of the toxic relationship, and we’re great friends to this day. And I stopped dating the douchebag I was with, hallelujah. Chicks not dicks!

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