Sausage Made From Celebrity Body Tissue?

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Um, you’ve heard of the horror movie Soylent Green right? Where people start disappearing, and it ends up the processed food product from the government is made from ground-up people? Gross. Wait, can they make sausage with tissue from Kim Kardashian’s butt so we can get her booty??

We read in the L.A. Times that this company called BiteLabs doesn’t want to go as far as using tissue from dead people, but they’d like to take tissue biopsies from living celebrities in order to make sausage…to…prove some point about bioethics and try to get people to eat more red meat??? Or probably just for shock value, so dumb bloggers like me will write something about their company.

You can read the entire article here. On a health note, we only recommend eating organic turkey, chicken or veggie sausage! Here are some non-meat, low-fat protein options. (Just a sidenote: Moriche Palm Diet Herbal Supplements and our Body-Contouring Firming Butter do not contain people!)

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