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Best Yoga Moves For Better Sex!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.34.42 AMYoga Poses That Improve Your Sex Life

It’s no secret — and certainly not a lie! — that yoga makes sex better. You’re more flexible, able to hold yourself in certain positions longer… but the real treat? The mental concentration you practice in yoga can make sex a more sensual, focused and connective experience.

Here’s an article we found at that features the best yoga moves that will help you in both the mental and physical areas of sex. Speaking of sex and shapes —  the all-natural Brazilian fruit of the Moriche Palm Diet supplements, along with our body-contouring butter, can help you slim and shape those curves! Oh wait, we just found another article we like about yoga and sex over at Talking Pretty

20 Important Things To Ask Yourself!

Live Your Best Life

Well, we can’t find this amazing article on the site, but it’s in the April 2014 issue of O magazine, on newsstands now — pick it up for more fleshed-out blurbs on these really amazing tips… We’re all moving forward every day, but are we moving in the direction we want? Make every day count, ladies!

1) Do I Examine My Life Enough?
2) Do I Care Too Much What Other People Think?
3) Am I With The Right Person?
4) What’s My Deal Breaker In Relationships?
5) What Do I Really Want To Do All Day?
6) How Do I Want To Be Remembered?
7) Do I Say Yes Enough?
8) Do I Know How To Say No?
9) Am I Helpless?
10) Am I Helpful?
11) What Am I Afraid Of?
12) Am I Paying Enough Attention To The Incredible Things Around Me?
13) Have I Accepted My Body?
14) Am I Strong Enough?
15) Have I Forgiven My Parents?
16) Do I Want Children?
17) Does What I Wear Reflect Who I Am?
18) What Am I Missing Out On?
19) Do I Let Myself Fail Enough?
20) Why Are We Here?

4 Moves For Your Butt and Abs!

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.20.51 AM

Tighter Butt and Abs

Thanks Cosmopolitan for this rather interactive web post on four exercises that can help build muscle in both your behind and your mid-section. We’re down for the dual-target exercises! Our favorite is the Funky Chicken, do that in front of the mirror and give yourself a good laugh for the day — laughter burns calories too, and keeps your mind healthy and happy! Slim your waist and give your butt that extra boost with Moriche Palm all-natural supplements and firming cream!

Lose Weight and Define Curves With The Moriche Palm Diet! The Magic Is In The Fruits!

Sexy woman with beautiful slim body

How Do I Lose Weight And Keep My Curves

What’s stimulant-free, made from Brazilian fruits, and will help tone your tummy while maintaining your curves? Yes ma’am that’s right, the Moriche Palm Diet all-natural supplements! Our nutrient-rich capsules are packed with goodies that will not only help define curves, but detox your body, including: acai berry, plantains, alfalfa, buriti oil — and of course the Moriche palm fruit, known as “the curvy fruit” in Brazil!

Get on a healthy track to the body you want with the Moriche Palm Diet plan — check in on our blog regularly for tips on butt-boosting workouts, healthy recipes, and other good-for-you lifestyle tips! Don’t forget to check out our Moriche Palm body-contouring butter — it will help plump, firm and smooth your buttocks and breasts!

5 Clues You’re Addicted to Sugar


Am I Addicted To Sugar

We love talking about sugar addiction, because it’s a very real thing — sugar affects the same of your brain as heroin, causing a high/crash/binge cycle that causes you to overeat and feel like shit. This fact is finally being reported more in the mainstream media — we just happened upon this article on the Huffington Post that lists five clues that you’re addicted to sugar. Read more here.

  1. You consume certain foods even if you are not hungry because of cravings.
  2. You worry about cutting down on certain foods.
  3. You feel sluggish or fatigued from overeating.
  4. You have health or social problems (affecting school or work) because of food issues and yet keep eating the way you do despite negative consequences.
  5. You need more and more of the foods you crave to experience any pleasure or reduce negative emotions.
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