Just Ate? And You’re Still Hungry? Here’s Why.

OvereatingWhy Do I Overeat

We’ve all been there — you just had an orgasmic orange roughy meal, and that fish filled you up. But you want to eat again. If we’re in the habit of comparing food to sex, then we don’t really have to explain why we want more! But overeating often has deeper-rooted causes.

We happened upon this article on the Men’s Health site that gives some insight. Here are some reasons that stuck out to us:

1) You drink too much soda or sweetened beverages. Not only does sugar act like heroin in the body, causing a high/crash binge cycle, but it also may impede the body’s ability to use leptin, the hormone that tells us when we’ve had enough to eat.

2) You didn’t include a salad. Leafy greens are rich in B-vitamin folate and vitamin K, which help regulate insulin and curb cravings. These greens pack the most punch: Romaine lettuce, spinach, collard greens, radicchio.

3) You didn’t drink enough water before or during your meal. When we’re thirsty, our body sometimes signals that as hunger. So drink up, ladies! Read more here. Also be sure to check out our Moriche Palm stimulant-free supplements, which also help curb cravings.

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