Grammy Weekend Was A Blast, But Don’t Fall Off Track!!

ImageIf you’re anything like us, then you had a blast during Grammy weekend!  But we ALL know that after a great weekend like this, we need a little bit of time to detox and reset ourselves to get back into the rhythm of our healthy lifestyles.  It probably sounds like a chore, but we’ve come up with a few quick ideas that’ll get you back on point before you know it.

First off, it’s important to know when it’s right to detox.  (Now, remember, detoxifying doesn’t mean starving yourself.  And it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean drink ONLY water!)  When you find your body retaining water, being fatigued for extended periods of time, sleeping irregularly or experiencing stress, it’s time to change gears and bust a quick detox.  And don’t worry.  It’s easier than it seems!


Trust, these teas work wonders if you’ve been going hard all weekend.  Herbal teas not only soothe the stomach, but they’re also great for indigestion and even help with headaches.


Forget Starbuck’s.  That $7 latte won’t be heart-broken if you don’t buy it, and all that extra sugar certainly won’t do you any favors.


That’s right.  We need sleep, so don’t deprive yourself.  Try to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep, and get up at the normal time, regardless of how you feel.  This helps to reset your sleep schedule, which is an important part of a healthy balance.


You’ve played hard all weekend, now it’s time to work hard.  Recommend some cardio to get your blood flowing and to help remove some of those toxins from your system.


Go natural!  Vegetables and fruits contain all of the natural sugar, vitamins and carbs that you’ll need to make it through the day and help cleanse your system of the junk that might’ve gone into it over your long, fun weekend.

These might not be cure-all’s, but they sure can help you feel a whole lot better after going hard all weekend.  Try these out once a month for a week to start to feel the positive results, and stay beautiful!!

About Moriche Palm Diet: 

This blog was brought to you by The Moriche Palm Diet,  a lighter, healthier and holistic diet philosophy that supports natural body shaping with stimulant and caffeine free ingredients that are intended to bring nutritional balance back to the body to support more effective weight management. To learn more about Moriche Palm, or to place an order, feel free to contact our customer care team at:  1-800-613-1032

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