So, What’s On The Label?

Watch What You Eat!

 It can sometimes be tough to eat the right things for people who are always on the go, but it’s important to know of some of the more unhealthy food additives you might find in many foods.  Some of the places you find these ingredients might surprise you, but no need to worry.  We have you covered with a list of some of the worse culprits to look out for, and what makes them so harmful to those of us trying to continue on our way towards a healthier lifestyle.




 Used as a thickening agent in many types of milk (including soy milk, some yogurt products, and the majority of regular milks of all types), carrageenan has long been used to give milky products its thick, rich texture.  While it has been included in products for many years, it has been known to cause gastrointestinal irritation, which can lead to inflammatory bowel disease.   The textured nature of carrageenan makes it tough to digest, and can lead to unhealthy weight gain if ingested regularly.


High Fructose Corn Syrup


 This multi-purpose sweetener has found its way into many of the foods we enjoy, although it has come under fire in recent years for having almost no healthy qualities.  It costs less to produce, and is almost COMPLETELY comprised of sugar.  It has been linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, among other things, and is best to be avoided if you can!




 If you’re concerned with counting calories, make sure you also steer clear of the infamous no-calorie substitute, Olestra.  While this fat substitute, first introduced in the 90’s as a “0 calorie alternative” in potato chips, this artificial ingredient is known to cause abdominal cramping as well as a slight rise in bowel movement frequency, as a result of its high fat content.


 Don’t be discouraged by these imposters!!  There are still plenty of healthy, natural food ingredients being used regularly.  So the next time you’re buying groceries, make sure you check the labels, eat well and stay healthy!


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