Obama Family Photo Book Accidentally Sent to Random Woman in Illinois

How Cute is That??!


A woman in Illinois says the post office made the all-too-common mistake of delivering someone else’s package to her home. What set this particular package apart was its sender: President Barack Obama and his family.

Alane Ecklund Church toldTODAY Thursday that she received a damaged package from her brother-in-law on New Year’s Eve. At the bottom of the box was an “extra gift,” Church said, that was apparently mistakenly added when the box was repackaged.

A tag on the mysterious smaller package said it was from “Barack, Michelle + the girls.”

The gift was partly open, and Church and her husband discovered that it was a book of personalized photographs intended for Eleanor Wilson, the godmother to Obama daughters Sasha and Malia. Church then reached out to Wilson and learned that the girls create a memory book every year for her.

She declined to share the photos out of…

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