Screenshot 2013-12-12 10.47.11You want to be CurvyFit ladies and that is SexyCool! Weekends and family/friend get-togethers can often lead to excess.  Whether having a few too many drinks or enjoying a big holiday meal, they sometimes lead us off track from our fitness and health goals.  As you greet a new season, you can reset your mind and body to achieve a healthier you.  Here are a few tips and tools to get you back on your “A” game.

Sunday Cleanse (Juice Day)

By minimizing solid foods on the final day of the 7-day detox, you can begin to feel the effects of the liquid cleanse as the digestive system begins to returns to its proper working condition.  Preparing a soup in the morning to use as your meals is a great source of nutrients during the final day of your detox.  A side fruit (apple, orange, grapefruit, etc.) can act as a natural source of sugar to keep you energized throughout the day.

Putting In Work

We all know the benefits of a healthy diet, but it’s also important to supplement proper eating with exercise to boost the mScreenshot 2013-12-31 10.26.48etabolism and eliminate toxins through sweat.  To trim the waist and strengthen the thighs and gluts, we suggest hitting the treadmill, a light-to-moderate leg workout and a light abdominal routine.

This light workout is a great way to get your blood flowing and your metabolism back on point, and when mixed with the 7-day cleanse, it can start you well on your way to a healthy lifestyle and a fitter, curvier shape!

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From Brazil's #1 selling weight loss figure enhancing supplement brand that comes a nutrient rich, stimulant & caffeine free dietary formula to help you lose the weight without losing your curves! When combining the Moriche Palm Diet with our exercise plan to help you lose weight you'll discover the benefits of our diet in just a few short weeks!

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