The Good Fat Vs. The Bad Fat

Screenshot 2014-01-09 16.13.03Not all Fat is Bad Fat!

Our mothers used to say a little fat is (not) bad for you, and the truth is, it really isn’t. We need some good fat in our bodies to help us keep beautiful and shapely hourglass figure. Just think about it, I am sure Marilyn Monroe was not sitting around eating salads all day. Curvaceous women achieve their shapes by eating healthy food that’s rich in good fats, proteins, carbs, and fiber, besides our diets must have some fat, that is ‘good fat’ of course to maintain a healthy weight.

Dietary fat is one of today’s most controversial health topics. “Low-fat”, “reduced-fat” and “no-fat” product labels abound, as do warnings to avoid “bad fats” and advice to eat more “good fats”. Then there’s the issue of how “good fats” become “bad fats” when heated beyond a certain temperature.

 This all gets extremely confusing, so how can we make it simple and helpful? Fat is an absolutely essential dietary component. The “good fats” are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are extremely important to the nervous system, play a huge role in mental sharpness, act as an energy source and even promote healthy weight.A widespread problem is that our diets typically consist of an unhealthy imbalance of too little of the “good fats” and too much of the “bad fats”, which are saturated and Trans fats. These are the culprits behind the diseases attributed to fats, such as clogged arteries, bulging waistlines, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. Think of fat as being divided into four classes:

 Screenshot 2014-01-10 07.10.32Good Fats’ Does a Body Good!

Avocados, eggs, nuts, olive oil, and fatty fish like Salmon are all good for us. These fatty foods supplies the body with essential nutrients like the omega-3,6, and 9’s that feed our brain and other organs, also essential fatty acids from the omegas protect the heart and raise good cholesterol levels.

The Skinny on Good Fats

Consuming the ‘good fats’ is really easy, and all you need to do is opt for healthy fats like raw peanut butter, olive oil, avocados, eggs, lean, Greek yogurt, protein like Salmon and Poultry just to name a few. Also, opting for cooking your foods in light oils (like avocado and oil oil), instead of butter or grease. Also, try to avoid preparing your food in the wrong ways, food preparations is very important to maintaining the quality and healthiness of your foods, you should avoid deep frying, burning, or overcooking your foods to preserve the nutrient density and natural fats in your foods. Deep frying cooks foods at an extremely (high temperature) that actually changes the composition of the fats in the food from monounsaturated fats that help protect against heart disease to saturated trans fat that raises bad cholesterol  (LDL’s) low density lipoproteins that increase the risk of obesity, and type 2 diabetes.


So as you can see not all fat is bad, so next time you’re opting for a healthy meal remember the fat is not always a bad thing. To Learn more about the good and bad fats please go pick up our CURVYFIT GUIDE the guide has tips on eating healthy for a curvier body type, learn what five healthy foods sculpt a better butt and slimmer waistline. check us this guide today!

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