Burn 210 Calories In 15 Minutes!!

Hey Ladies, Do You Want To Learn A “Quick Way” To Burn Up To 210 Calories In A LITTLE AS 15 MINUTES A DAY?? While Boosting your Booty!

This is the number one exercise for building a round, firm, and sculpted backside with strong power house legs! The exercise will target problem areas like the Abs (Tummy), Quads (Front Thighs), Hamstrings (Back Thighs), Glutes (Butt Booster) &Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 6.33.22 PM Spinal Erectors (Lower Back) all of this in just one simple step! Jump your way to a firm backside and shapelier figure! The reason this exercise is so effective is the activation of your fast twitch muscle – jump squats activates those muscles in the booty that are the real key to building a bigger and better glute muscle naturally.

So simple anyone can do it! So what are you waiting for?? Grab a bottle of H2O, and let’s do this!! it’s just that easy! Follow the instructions below on performing a butt boosting (Jump Squat)!

Lower into a squat, then jump up, swinging your arms overhead and rotating 90 degrees to the left while in the air (b). Lower into a squat, then jump up and rotate to the right. That’s one rep.

Happy Jumping! Below I have listed some Bigger Booty Myths that a lot of women fall for, don’t be deceived these don’t work – save your time and efforts!

Bigger Booty Myths (Debunked):

  1. Eat junk food to grow a bigger butt / FALSE

The very opposite is true you should avoid junk foods that goes straight to your belly and opt for good fats like avacados, nuts, lean protein, and eggs.

      2.  Gain weight to grow a bigger butt / FALSE

The booty is made up of muscle and fat, you don’t have to gain weight to get a bigger buttocks – instead you should build muscle mass to create firmness and roundness. Exercises like the jump squat and dead-lifts help tremendously!

      3.  Drink ensure to grow a bigger butt / FALSE

This is the biggest myth of them all, you would do better off taking Moriche Palm Diet than doing that, our supplements stimulate estrogen to increase hormonal productions that’s responsible for naturally enhancing fuller bust, hips, and buttocks in a woman.

Do you know some crazy bigger butt myths share them with us?! We’re dying to know…. have a happy and healthy day!

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