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Working-Out to Keep MY CURVES

The evolution of femme diets has just arrived with Herbal Tropics New MorichePalm Berry Diet

Formulated to help women slim & contour an hourglass figure in just 4 to 6 weeks. The diet works especially well when you combine it with a great lower body fitness training program along with a smart diet!Screenshot 2013-12-22 18.31.10 Many women ask how do we train to keep our curves, and how do we lose weight without losing our shape? The amazing Brazilian diet Also known as the curvy diet was formulated to help women lose weight while achieving a more curvaceous figure! The diet makes achieving your fitness goals easy especially when it’s combined with the right workout routine that’s engineered to help you keep your curves:

When training to keep my curves, I like to combine a circuit training routine used in most Cross-fit training programs to sculpt and define the entire body while focusing on building specific muscle groups, while isolating others. Many women work-out incorrectly and lose the shapes and the natural curves to their figures. One sure way to do this is with too much cardio, doing cardio can definitely cause you to lose your booty-fast And for many of us women that’s what we don’t want! To keep the curves to your lower body and to enhance that pear-shaped physique you so desire you need a specific workout routine that’s specifically engineered for that purpose! Yeah maybe you were not born with a pear-shaped body but you can definitely enhance one with the right workouts, proper diet, and nutrition along with the right supplements.

Today, I will cover part one of sculpting a pear shaped body.

I got some easy fitness training tips that can help you ladies enhance more pear-shaped figure and keep that lower body bulkiness you so desire! I know what you bootyfitchicks want I promise I’m going to help you get there. I start off by warming Screenshot 2013-12-31 09.02.08up for five minutes on the treadmill. Then I go into a (10 minute) interval training technique on the treadmill that combines elevating the incline on the treadmill to the highest level (15) at 2.5 mph. I walk at the highest incline on the treadmill for a full 60 seconds then I return the incline back all the way down to zero for another full 60 seconds. I do this interval technique for 10 minutes on the treadmill alternating the incline all the way up to 15 and back down to 0 for every 60 seconds. This is my favorite routine because it helps to build that shelf in the buttocks giving you that nice curve to the backside that all women desire! That was so special about this routine is it’s just the right amount of cardio they can keep your heart rate going so your body in the natural fat burning zone but not too much that’s going to make you drop weight and lose all your curves now that’s the key, when trying to build-up and defined our your lower body here’s a couple of things to keep in mind: You want to max out on your lower body routine meaning you want to use heavier weights with fewer repetitions for example, if you’re using a leg press machine start off with the most heaviest weights you can handle really you shouldn’t  be able to go more than 7 reps (with the heaviest weights) If you can do more than that when you need to pack more weight. Once you’ve built up your weights at the heaviest again you should max-out at about seven reps! You only need to do two sets for this type of intense training with 5 minutes rest in between! I always recommend training the upper body and the lower body simultaneously to get a overall and complete-full-bodied work out. So after your first set of sScreenshot 2013-12-31 10.26.48even reps you should move onto the upper body training. Now, when incorporating upper body into this routine you want to use lighter weights with more frequent repetitions. You might want to use the lateral pulldown machine or even free weights to sculpt your upper body.  You want to begin with five or 7 pound hand weights you want the weights again to be extremely light but you want to max out on the reps and you want to increase your speed for the duration of the exercise. For example you might want to begin with 5 pound weights and maybe 50 reps as fast as you can go!


The new Skinny is Curvyfit!

I am sorry to break it you skinny ladies out there but curvy is the new sexyfit, and all you need to do to achieve that beautiful hourglass figure is take Moriche Palm Diet, Rosa Acosta did and so can you!



The secret is in the fruit. The Acai Berry naturally slims and detoxifies by flushing away toxins and waste in the body to help speed up a sluggish metabolism. While naturally increasing energy in the body to help you lose weight faster the diet also utilizes the power of our remarkable body contouring cream to help you sculpt and define beautiful curves naturally! The plantains, fruits, fiber, maganesium, potassium, and plant estrogens in our diet formulas improve digestion, natural cleansing of the body, along with hormonal balance.

Highly Recommended By Fitness Professionals!

“I highly recommended the Moriche Palm Diet. it is an excellent diet containing real tropical fruits and berries that offer women a safe and natural way to lose weight while enhancing a more shapely-figure” – Dominica Westling (Fitness Trainer)


Real Women Real Results!

Here’s what women are saying about this revolutionary diet that helps you lose weight while contouring beautiful and shapely curves. Give us just 6-weeks and watch this diet activate your metabolism to help you lose weight and contouring a beautiful hourglass figure! If you love your curves you’ll love this amazing Brazilian Diet. Start with our body contouring cream and natural slimming dietary supplements to achieve natural curves!  Image

MorichePalm Diet does it better!

And the reason why so many people love this Brazilian Barry diet is all the natural ingredients therein.

Formulated to be the safest diet on the market today, MorichePalm diet, offers women a better way to slim down while defining their shapes naturally!

At the top of its market in the diet and sports nutrition industry MorichePalm is the best only diet in its class that targets Latinas and also African American female consumers looking to lose weight while achieving a more curvaceous figure!

Moriche Palm Diet offers the benefit of natural figure contouring and weight loss coupled together that’s what makes it different from most other diets on the market!

The MorichePalm Diet offers women and unique body sculpting program that includes our most advanced Brazilian herbal slimming supplements, the supplements they assist in belly fat reduction by oxidizing fat cells to help you achieve a more hourglass figure all while detoxing the entire body! Also included with our body contouring system is our amazing herbal sculpting cream ( The MorichePalm Cream) this remarkable transdermal cream stimulates and penetrates deep into the adipose fatty tissues to plump, define, and enhance a better looking buttocks in just 4 weeks! The concentrated herbal creams activates fatty tissues production to fill out curves to assist in contouring a well rounded backside naturally! With our body cream you can enhance a better buttocks by defining the shape thereof while diminishing the appearance of stretch marks, dimples, cellulitis and scars!

Try our amazing diet today to improve the shape of your body! 


Porscha Coleman Loves MorichePalm

Porscha Coleman keeps her sexy hourglass figure with MorichePalm Diet!

It’s not a secret that many celebs are opting for a more natural stimulant free way to lose weight and thanks to the New MorichePalmDiet, the only diet that helps women stay fit all while keeping their beautiful curves!

It seems like everybody is working hard these days to get in shape but sometimes even our 100% needs a little help. When slaving in the gym if you can’t seem to get the results you desire from exercise and nutrition try the #1 Diet in America that’s formulated to help you achieve greater results that exercise and diet alone.

The only diet the makes perfect sense for women who want to lose weight and slim while cultivating curves. Recording artist Porscha Coleman loves the diet because as an entertainer she needs to be slim but of course, but she doesn’t want to lose what makes her feminine and that’s her beautiful shapely curves!

Try the hottest diet in America and save an amazing 18% off your purchase today – On this Christmas holiday season use-code: XMAS

I’m That BootyChick!

Screenshot 2013-12-22 18.31.10If You’re A BOOTYCHICK Like MEEE… then you’ll love the new MorichePalm (Brazilian Backside) workout video! Featuring sexy bootybydom fitness trainer Dominica Westling.

Yes, we’re going to keep your booty-fit… just follow our MorichePalmDiet and this amazing workout video and we promise you’ll keep that ((curve)), visit us online at MorichePalmDiet for more information! Forever SexyFit with MorichePalmDiet now available at select GNC Stores!

Is Jay Z upset that Beyoncé is losing too much weight?

Known for her voluptuous backside and breathtaking curves, rumor has it that Jay Z is now upset that his Queen is getting too thin for the King! 

The southern belle, Grammy winning soul singer was raised on soul food her southern roots can be attributed to her beautiful thick shape, but if she loses her curvaceous charm will she still have the same appeal? 

We all know that men and women love curves, there’s something to be said about the word curve appeal, recently turned vegan the beautiful songbird has suddenly slim down to a size 2! Will Beyonce lose her curve appeal, now that she’s suddenly slim! Hollywood and entertainment is focused on hourglass curvy women, everybody wants that body like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Sophia Vergara! 

Most women naturally have curves but 95% of women report that when they fitness train in the gym and diet they lose their curves!! This is the most common complaint women have about losing weight! And I’m sure Queen B’s is feeling the same complaint too! Beyoncé must have been working out extremely hard to keep  her body physically fit the singer must stay in great shape for her world tour and of course her baby! However as women when we workout hard we lose fat everywhere, along with those sexy curves, which are usually the first to go! And I’m sure that is exactly what happened to Queen B!

Many women wonder how they can maintain a curvaceous all while losing weight. This has and still is somewhat of a dilemma amongst women especially nowadays! What hot is curvy yet fit, we like to call it ‘CurvyFit’ meaning slim but shapely! But how do you achieve a curvaceous body while maintaining a slim physique! There has been really nothing on the market as far as diets are concerned also women the ability to lose weight all-while keeping their curves until now that is! 

What a difference it make, The Moriche Palm:header_supps2 copy

A revolutionary diet supplement from Brazil formulated to increase estrogen while burning fat, the end result is a slimmer more contoured figure, along with enhanced natural curves! This remarkable diet is unlike any other on the market formulated to help you naturally slim made from real berries and fruits the diet offers a safe and natural element to losing weight contouring your figure! No more sacrificing our curves to be thin! Women who desire to slim down and lose weight while achieving a more curvaceous figure will find the Moriche Palm Diet to be perfect for their needs!

Beyoncé may have lost her curve appeal but MorichePalm can help get her back thick, with Brazil’s CurvyDiet! If you’re interested in slimming down and losing weight while achieving a more curvaceous figure, try this amazing diet it’s 100% stimulant and caffeine free! Now you can finally achieve a beautiful and curvaceous figure you’ve been striving for!

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