Fat burning in the gym and kitchen: Part 3 of 3

Learn How to EAT to Burn FAT! Some foods make you fat other burn fat check to stats here.


This is the last part of the three part series about getting rid of that stubborn body fat in the gym and kitchen in a healthy and easy way. So far we covered Calorie intake, Strategies in the gym, and I even threw in some secrets about your metabolism. In this last one I will be focusing on two of the most desirable things in loosing fat, boosting the metabolism and dieting pills/programs.

Lets begin with the metabolism. Like anything else it’s important to understand how that something works before you can start improving it. Your metabolism is controlled by your thyroid as I said before. When born every single person on this earth has close to the same metabolism rate that it is almost immeasurable. The metabolism changes over time though. It depends on how old your are, what kinds of foods/drinks you intake, and how active you are. The thought…

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