What is ObamaCare?

You turn on the TV and there it is again – another story about ObamaCare.

What exactly is ObamaCare? Also called the Affordable Care Act, it is a law that allows for all Americans to be covered by medical insurance. This is important because in the past insurance companies have been able to deny coverage to people who didn’t “qualify” – in other words, people whose medical expenses cost the insurance companies too much money.

Under ObamaCare, insurance companies can no longer deny chronically ill people coverage. Women can’t be charged more simply because they have different medical needs than men. You can’t be denied coverage for making a small mistake on your insurance application like in the past.

It is true that most all Americans will need to have insurance by January 1st of next year or they will have to pay a fine. “What, a fine?” you may ask. Yes, but relax. Most of us are covered by our employers already, and those of us who aren’t can sign-up for insurance through the “Health Insurance Marketplace/Exchange” at https://www.healthcare.gov/ In fact, Americans that make up to 400% – or 4 times -the poverty limit qualify to sign up for insurance through this site.

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You may have heard about all of the trouble customers had signing up for insurance on the website last month, but since then many changes have taken place to make it easier to apply. You can also apply by phone at 1-800-318-2596. There are even places you can go and apply in-person all across the US. Just call the toll-free number and tell them your location & you will be directed to the nearest place that can assist you one-on-one.

We all know it is important to take care of our health, so take advantage of this new law that allows you to see a doctor for little to no cost if you aren’t already covered! You are worth it!

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