Fast Food Junkies

You grunt, I want that McDonalds, no IN-N-OUT, no Burger King, gimme that whopper please?!!!

Are you a fast food Junkie? Be honest, you can admit it… just ask yourself do I eat out everyday or at least two times a week not including weekends. If you answered yes to any; than you probably are!!! Really this is not a joking matter but some of you really are in denial. In-fact you want to know the truth some of us are addicted to it, and others just ignorant of the fact.

Screenshot 2013-10-19 08.20.05

Screenshot 2013-10-19 08.21.55When you have fast food on a regular basis you’re opening yourself up to very risky health complications like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease not to mention obesity. You can estimate roughly 2-3 lbs of (immediate) weight gain in just one day after eating a whopper with cheese or a big mac combo!! That’s sabatog to your diet ladies and gentlemen! and really it’s not worth it. Just go out and have a big mac with some french fries and a soda, take the real truth test and measure yourself before eating the junk food, then immediately after.  You will notice immediate weight gain of 2-3 lbs, which is the sad truth. FAST FOOD is WAR, and you must avoid it at any and all costs. Every morning my best girlfriend Kiesha runs out the house to head over to McDonalds to have her fatty mcgriddle and some hash browns, I know that reads funny but it’s the truth. She loves the griddle so much she won’t cook because of it, she loves the flavor and the taste not to mention the price and the convenience. But everyday she runs out to get and devour that mcgriddle and she gains weight 2 lbs immediately afterwards which is really awful. Kiesha was so shapely before her fast food junkies days – but now she’s getting bigger and bigger especially around the stomach and waist ugh, and it’s literally by the day! I used to call her the FAST FOOD WHORE! I know that’s mean, but when she first started sleeping with the enemy – she knew the dangers but couldn’t sacrifice the taste, but now she’s claimed a new title because she can’t live without it, so I renamed the FAST FOOD QUEEN, because she’s lovin it!  I warned her before about the danger and now she 20 lbs overweight, and painfully struggling to lose it, now do you see why we call it the enemy! It’s a war out here ladies, and FAST FOOD is not helping us fight / nor win the battle. Many of us are overweight because of this enemy and we don’t know how to fight it, sadly. Did you know that the average fast food menu serves up 1,500 calories in one meal! Surprisingly, that almost higher than our daily recommended allowance by the USDA.  I am hoping this sounds outrageous to you; not to be sarcastic, but because we care and want to see you happy, healthy, and curvy-fit for life! Fast food in my opinion, is really making Americans grossly overweight and basically out of shape! Really it’s about time we educate ourselves don’t you think. I am sure many of you are guilty of claiming the title of a food whore or queens / king but you can affirm that your love for the enemy is almost addictive right? But its time to turn things around! We’ve got to make a change in the way we eat, think, and do things – because the old way isn’t working for us. Giving us fast food is like giving up a tooth for some of you, but I promise it will be worth it when you discover the weight loss and overall health benefits thereof. I have prepared some fast food facts that will educate you on the dangers of fast food – I admit I was a fast food queen before I changed my mind about holding the crown that ruined the bodies of many and took the life of others.

Screenshot 2013-10-19 08.39.00Get the FAST FOOD Facts!

  • Every time you EAT OUT especially FAST FOODS you’re expected to gain 2-3 pounds immediately – that’s the very same day!
  • Eating (FAST FOOD), will always spike our sugar/ insulin levels in our bodies which causes immediate fat storage, also high insulin levels leads to a sugar rush, which is always followed by a sugar crash/low, the crash leads to more crazy cravings – it’s somewhat of a vicious cycle. So, remember to avoid fast foods, to avoid spikes in your insulin levels, that may eventually lead to obesity and diabetes.
  • Learn how to properly READ NUTRITION LABELS. This is so important, so you have a good idea of what you’re consuming. Click Here to Learn How to READ Nutritional labels.
  • Keep a FAST FOOD NUTRITION MENU, if you have to eat out (which I don’t recommend) keep a list of fast food calories, so the next time you pull into the drive thru, check out the FAST FOOD NUTRITION MENU
  • Keep a food journal, it will help you gauge what you’re eating daily. Also try snacking on healthy foods that are good for you like raw fruits and veggies, apple slices with raw peanut butter, or 3-4 pretzel sticks, just to keep your cravings and appetite satisfied. Eating healthy snacks in between meals helps you stay fuller longer and avoids fast food binges.

So, remember it’s a war out here on FAT, and if you’re eating fast foods and not opting for home cooked healthy meals you’re fighting a losing battle. But the battle is not over yet; so take the challenge by taking back your body. You must begin by changing your eating and dieting habits today save or download a copy of the CURVYFIT GUIDE to learn how to eat, live, and be more healthy and curvaceous fit! Awe, I love you bootybabes, and hope you stay connected with the Moriche Palm Diet and all that we do for you everyday! Support us, shout us out on social medias site, and show some love! We want to hear your success stories and get fit goals. You can find us on twitter and instagram @herbaltropics  sevenContent-pic1

Oh and don’t for get to look out for my next post “HOW TO LOSE A POUND A WEEK” consistently. Remember to follow the Moriche Palm Diet to help you slim & tone while losing weight naturally. Until then have a happy and healthy day! –

– Amber Garcia ( Health Coach) at Herbal Tropics

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