Hey booty babes we got the tips to help you stay SEXY FIT!

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 7.05.10 PMHoliday weight gain can be a BUSTER! Don’t fret ladies you can beat the bulge by blasting your belly fat while fixing your spare tire now and later with our SEXY FIT tips. These tips will help you stay CURVY-FIT so you can keep you sexy thick curves! Go ahead and have those juicy spare ribs, lobster tails, and that delicious devil’s fool cakkkke, because with my SEXY FIT tips you’re going to beat the bulge and blast that fat before it attacks! Don’t let the the holidays spell trouble for your waistline this season – you’re smarter than that!!  Some of you who even have good genes, have gained 20-30 pounds over the holidays in the past – but this year we aren’t have that!  All those parties, dinners, sweet treats, you name it who could resist no-one right? Not even me, so I begin early September boosting up my metabolism just for the holiday’s and just like me you can arm yourself too for the holidays by keeping  cool, calm, collective as long as you stick to the plan you’ll STAY FIT and of course FABULOUS! So, are you ready to plan a war on your fat –  get ready for battle to keep your bootyfit with these SEXY FIT tips.

To start I’m going to teach you how to bury your bulges and slim your waistline in just 10-days and to keep you looking haute just in time for the holiday’s! Now as long as you follow these tips that will give your metabolism a ultra boost so achieve the perfect body easily and naturally!


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You want to stay fit and shapely – and prevent weight gain over the holidays? Then begin each day or start the evening with a 45-minute power walk until New Years Eve that’s right; honey you got four months to get it together! That’s right I said a power walk, not a run booty babe, so what that means is walking at a faster than normal pack, while keeping the belly-button sucked tightly into your navel, and forget to breathe! It’s that’s easy now walk it out for 30 minutes listening to your favorite iTunes and don’t look back – 90 days later, and I’ll bet that your new body will thank you this, of course just in time for Christmas! You might ask, Coco what does walking have to do with me looking hot around the holidays? Well, babe girl, let me put it like this, walking is a really great way to lose weight because it puts your body into a slow (fat burning) zone to help you gradually burn those calories for up to 6-8 hours. And you know you’re going to need some slow burrrning after those holiday sweet treats right?  That’s why walking is great, I know people don’t think so, but walking really has the same benefits that comes with a high impact cardio workout. But the good thing about walking is, once you get that heart rate up and (keep it) there – you’ll gradually burning that fat all day long. Walking is so simple anyone can do it, really at anytime. Add daily walking right now booty babes to your schedule to lose up to 10 lbs a month to get your thick sexy figure back!

TESTIMONIALS: Ms. Janice lost 50 lbs from walking daily for just 45minutes in only 3 months. She didn’t try any complicated fitness programs, nor pay for an expensive gym membership, she did it the old fashioned way by simply walking worked for her and it will for you too! “Really I cannot stress how important walking really is. I mean it could mean the difference between a pot belly and a slim waist really honestly that’s what it was for me” – Janice Dunlap (Los Angeles CA).


OMG, if you haven’t heard ab

out it, “Fit Snacking” wait till you get my new book BODY CONSCIOUS to be released this year in November it’s all about it healthy snacking to lose up to 15-lbs a month, and I promise it works. Fit snacking is simply eating healthy fruits/veggies, protein, nuts, and good grains in between meals to boost that metabolism kicking it into ULTRA FAT BURNING ZONE to help you melt away fat all day and night. This is really the core of my book and I promise it will be a special treat because you can finally say goodbye to fad diets and crazy weight lost gimmicks cause this w

orks especially when everything else won’t!!! Begin each day by preparing 4-5 healthy fit snacks to eat between meals, for example I always pack the following in my bag to keep my body in the fat burning zone all day long.

  • 1- Green Apple
  • Fresh Strawberries (1/4 cup)
  • 1- Hard Boiled Egg
  • Assortment of Raw Nuts ( 1/4 cup)
  • GlutenFree Cracker *8 pieces with Peanut Butter (one spoonful)
  • Canned Tuna (1/3 cup) with Carrots and Celery

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 6.47.36 PMTESTIMONIALS: Sharon Gonzalez lost 12 lbs in 10-days just fit snacking. She went from 191 to 179 easily and effortlessly, she began fit snacking daily. She had a responsible breakfast, lunch, and dinner and fit snacked in between every two-three hours. She really say a difference in her waistline and the amount of belly fat reduction. ” Fit snacking was easy, I stayed full all day long, it taught me to eat smaller meals, and gave me more energy daily” – Sharon Gonzalez.

There you have it!! Follow these tips, I promise this is all you need to bring your SEXY FIT body back, and don’t forget to take your MORICHE PALM DIET supplements and booty firm cream oh YEAH, we love you booty babes Stay Fit for life!

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