4 Things That Makes Men Attractive

Vin Diesel at the Fast & Furious premiere at L...

Vin Diesel at the Fast & Furious premiere at Leicester Square. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you ready to find NEW LOVE well, here’s 4 things to notice first in a New Man: by Ms. Coco

Ladies, can I just keep it real for a moment here. Doesn’t it seem like everybody’s  got an opinion about what kind of ‘man’ we should be dating. Mami, Papi, Bro, Sissy, and Friends are always trying to tell us what kind of men we need? He’s needs to be rich, or he’s needs to have a ‘good job’, or he’s needs to be successful – you name it.

Well, I’m kinda tired of that ladies, because we can pay our own bills right, and take care of ourselves right, and we’re smart and successful too right? So, why should we have to rely on some guy to this for us – when we’re capable of doing it for ourselves. 65% women bring on the bacon these days, and you know what I’m proud of that! If a man is honest, makes you smile, and can rock you to bed at night then that’s really all you need! I’m not trying to get all in your business but these Hollywood men, who hink they’re God’s Gift can be difficult to deal with for real. Ladies don’t get caught up in the money and bling bling, because honestly and genuineness is the real jewel that’s too hard to pass up these days. Look for the right things in a man and you’ll find the right man sooner rather than later! But while you’re looking girlfriend, don’t forget about these 4 qualities that makes a man most attractive.

  • Ruggedness – Rough necks, some would call them are men that look a bit tough like Vin Diesel, these men aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Now that a turn on for us women. These men don’t have to be “bad boys” either they just need to have a thick skin, a hard outer-shell, and able to deal with some stuff without melting –  this makes them attractive and makes us feel like they’re great at providing and protecting. So ladies go for that rugged man, not the pretty, polished, and cute men for a change. The rugged men will make you feel like a well protected princess.
  • Honesty – Oh lord,  men who lie can get that look as I scream to the Left, to the Left, women desire honesty first. We don’t care that you’re not perfect we just want you to be honest about. Honesty shows grown-up character in a man and women just love that. So, next time you’re looking for a man choose honesty first ladies, if he’s got to lies about his size, his wallet, his friends etc. he’s a big NO NO.
  • Humor me – Well, ladies if he can’t make you laugh, he can’t make you smile – and that very important. Having a man that puts a smile on your face can ward off the pangs and stresses of a hard days work or even drama from the family and friends. Finding a man that puts a smile on your face 95% of the time is a real keeper!
  • Giving Back – Charity should be at every man’s heart but some are so selfish the word isn’t even in their vocabulary. Finding a man that has a charitable heart can help you discover the facts of life and a more meaningful relationship. Don’t get me wrong, not everybody has it to give, but simple things like dropping a coin in peddler’s hat or paying for an elderly couples moving tickets behind you while waiting in the box office line, is example simple acts of kindness which is charity be definition. Real man are all about putting others before themselves, these front-liners will protect and put their family first. So the next time you’re looking for a good man look for charity because generosity is a true token of love.

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