Diet and Fitness Guru Rosemary Conley

Diet and Fitness Guru Rosemary Conley (Photo credit: Beacon Radio)

To Diet Or Not To Diet, That Is The Question.

There’s whispers of a new type of diet around town. Before you roll your eyes, listen to what Fitness Guru’s around the world say about the new weight management tool now referred to as the “NO DIET” Diet or the “MINDFULNESS DIET”. Which basically means getting totally in tune with your body so that you can recognize the early signs of hunger & fullness, this way you can identify the moment when you need to eat or the moment when you are no longer hungry. Being mindful will train you to eat when you need to eat as opposed to eating simply because it’s lunch time or because the vending machines are nearby.

Here’s a few great tips to get you started on your Diet-Free Diet:

  • Focus on the meal. Distractions can cause you to ignore the early signs of being full which can lead to overeating.
  •  Self Acceptance & Positive Reinforcements are critical parts to AImageNY lifestyle change. Be mindful of what a healthy weight is for you and let no one discourage you from this.
  • Toss those dieting rules out of the window & give yourself permission to eat your favorite food. This will often be the 1st time you truly “taste” your food.
  • Once you’re in touch with your body’s natural cues you can then begin to integrate the healthy aspect by thinking about what your body might need nutritionally.

So there you have it folks, not all diets are “evil”, this is one diet where you can have your cake AND eat it too.

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