No gym? No Problem! Resistance bands are perfect for you.

_MG_3747sWhat are resistance bands?

Resistant bands are these stretchy elastic bands that are super cheap and can be found at any local store like Walmart or Target. I love resistance bands, they increase the strength of your muscles and stimulate growth. I throw them in my suitcase when traveling and can’t find a gym on the road. There are so many excercises that work the whole body that you can do with them.

I listed some of the exercises that I do with my resistance band below. You can google them to to see examples, just make sure you add the words “resistance band” in your search. For most exercises, try aiming for 8-25 reps for 2-3 sets per exercise. Always make sure to pick the appropriate band for your strength and the exercise your doing when using resistance bands for your workout.

  • Calf Stretch ~ great way to stretch your calves & hamstrings
  • Side Leg Press ~ great for those outer hips
  • Row & External Rotation ~ Combo for your back, arms, & shoulders
  • Band Walk ~ get rid of those unwanted thighs
  • Crunch with Lat Pull Down ~ Work out those abs
  • Lunge with Bicep Curl~ Combo for your butt & biceps
  • Squat with Overhead press ~ Combo for your legs & arms

I combine this with a healthy diet and a great supplement like Moriche Palm Diet ( I use this particular supplement because it detoxes my body, helps me slim down and maintain my curves. Give it a try and you will be on your way to a sexier slimmer you.

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