What would the Black Barbie look like in Real Life

What would Barbie be in real lifeScreen shot 2013-08-28 at 6.24.17 PM

Teenage girls that are being told by society that if there not skinny they’re fat what kind of brainwashing is this? In fact most women are idolized for being petite, small or “skinny”, but not many are recognized for just being “healthy”. Fashion played a major role in making skinny popular but times sure have changed. Clothing is now being designed to fit full figured hips and booties, like the scrunch butt bikini to accommodate  and the curvy jeans by Levis to name a few.

Our society paints a picture that being skinny is the best way to be. Tho we all come in different shapes and sizes television, social networks, and other media outlets glorify women who are overall smaller. More important young teen girls need to know that every body is different and that is what makes each person unique. Not every women will look like Barbie or even get close but to know that we are all our own type of beautiful, there no need for idolizing dolls, actress, etc.  Having curves is the new skinny and not everyone is born curvacious, so those who are “shaped like a coke bottle” should hone their shape and wear it well.Most celebrities are not skinny, but those celebrities who are considered A list are and it causes women to feel they don’t fit in with what society deems “sexy” or “beautiful“. A study, from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, found that teenage girls who are not fat, but feel they are, became overweight as adults. Even the Journal of Obesity found that nearly a quarter of normal weight girls involved in the study felt they were fat. Fat is what gives women those luscious curves that drive men crazy.

Does the fashion industry, media and society do this to our girls and later to us in life? YES!  I know my skinny underweight 10 year old asked me if she was fat pulling her loose skin on her belly. At first I thought she was joking but I quickly realized she was dead serious. As a mother, of 40 something, I struggle constantly with my weight. I can never get to my ideal weight as stated on the chart. I guess I just have to work with what I have and be happy and somehow convey that to my daughter. The days of skinny being popular are over, there are millions of women. This means there are millions of different shapes and sizes that we cant choose to have. But we do have the power to love the skin were in and empower others to do the same. Any way you see it  our curves  make us individuals.

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