Do Men Prefer Skinny Women???

And the verdict is “They don’t”. This may explain why you won’t see those frail thin fashion models in Playboy Magazine

According to the article in “Psychology Today” Men strongly prefer women who have 30% of fat in their body weight but only if it is distributed in their hips, buttocks, and thighs with a little waist like sexy Playboy Playmate Tanyka Renee who by the way has used our trusted Moriche Palm Diet to keep her gorgeous shapely curves!

Tanyka ReneeScientific studies do show that women who have more body fat (in the right areas) such as the buttocks and hips can better care for there unborn child – who would have thought? Omega-3 fats, are vital for the growth of an unborn baby, the essential fatty acids are accumulated in the hips and thighs of woman, then are released during pregnancy and nursing. It’s not a wonder why girls on the internet these days are talking about ‘getting a bigger butt’ by simply adding more Omega fatty 3’s and flaxseed to their diet haha hah this is kind funny of funny but there’s a method to getting a bigger butt without surgery. Research also shows that 75% of women report that they feel more sexier with a bigger booty than without. Curves really do have appeal ,so all those sexy Playboy playmates didn’t just wake up being the main attraction of most men; it’s really their curves (in the right places) that makes them so tempting in the eyes of their male counterparts.

Ideally woman who weren’t as fortunate to be born with hips like JLO and and curves like Beyonce only had the option of invasive plastic surgery to enhance their shapes. If you’re looking to getter a better booty learn how you can achieve a natural lift with our the ‘Moriche Palm Diet‘ made from real Brazilian subtropical fruits and berries email us today at  CONTACT US TODAY  for more information.

Take the Poll do you Know what Men Like???

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