Booty Fit (3-Tips) to Enhances a Better Booty!

You want a firm, round, & perkier backside and we got all the tricks to help you achieve just that!

When researching the best booty shaping products/programs and supplements on the market today here’s what we found.

#1 The Moriche Palm Diet!

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.38.22 AMA popular diet from Brazilian Diet just arrived off the boat with a BAANG and more than celebrities are taking the supplement and herbal cream combo kit to get a FIT BOOTY naturally! Containing the rich and tropical nutrients from the Amazon forrest to help you trim the fat from your waist while accentuating a more curvier backside in just weeks. HOW IT WORKS: Using a natural hormone stimulation to help you contour the curves to your hips and buttocks while utilizing the antioxidants and fiber from the natural ingredients to detox the body. I simply love this product cause it works like a dream to boost your backside in as little as 6 weeks!

#3  WRAP it up Tight!

The mummy treatment is back and more women are getting body wraps to help them slim and trim there waistlines in just one session. The body wrapping technique is great for losing inches by isolating the areas that you want to trim. Now I love to utilize the power of new technology by wrapping my body using the INFRARED technology! Now you can trim fat and burn up to 800 calories in one body wrap session. When searching for the right body wrapping treatment look for the treatment that combines body wrapping with infrared slimming technology to help you sweat out toxins while trimming fat naturally. I love wrapping my stomach/waist, arms, and thigh (upper) except for my butt because I want to contour my shape to accentuate the curves to my backside.

Benefits of Infrared Slimming Wraps: 

  • Burn up to 800 calories per session
  • Eliminate toxins, promote inch loss, and minimize cellulite
  • Sculpt a better booty by wrapping only your upper thighs, stomach, arms and except for the butt.

#2 Sculpt a Great Booty in just 20 minutes!

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 2.52.39 PMDominica Erica Westling is a gorgeous Swedish model turned Hollywood actress, she is mostly known for co-starring as herself on the first season of the TV reality show “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?”OMG, this little swedish beauty Dominica Westling has got a body on her that won’t QUIT her booty is just DYNAMITE and we love that!

You will love shaping your booty by working out with Dominica she delivers an easy that focuses on the building your gluteus maximus muscles while giving your a quick cardio workout! All you women who want that booty that just pops follow the sexy Dominica on youtube channel at

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About morichepalmdiet

From Brazil's #1 selling weight loss figure enhancing supplement brand that comes a nutrient rich, stimulant & caffeine free dietary formula to help you lose the weight without losing your curves! When combining the Moriche Palm Diet with our exercise plan to help you lose weight you'll discover the benefits of our diet in just a few short weeks!

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