At Home Body Wraps (no joking matter)

Home body wraps are you kidding me, you might ask?Image

NO, NO, NO, I’m serious… I’m doing this because I’m crazy darn it! If I wasn’t I would say so! In just a few moments you’ll discover how I went for a 29inch waist to a 26inch waist (without) surgery! Yiikkkes that’s some serious numbers ladies continue reading….

I was at the spa one day and some super sweet girl conveyed to me just how she dropped inches from her waist right before a boxing match. She swore by this sacred slimming secret, and that only professional boxers knew of it – that’s was until now of course. So, the boxer chic coaxed me into trying this at home slimming wrap for myself and guess what? I found the the wrap thing to be pretty neat for two reason #1 is was cheap and #2 it was easy to follow and kinda of fun!

When I discovered this (easy at home) body wrapping technique i thought what the heck it couldn’t hurt to give this a try! Skeptical at first but desperate I gave it shot! OMG in was just what I’ve been praying for. Now when I notice a difference after one wrap no lie, and that my waist was smaller, I super motivated me to keep going so guess what I did? I kept going, and after seven wraps, in 2-weeks, I had lost a whooping three inches from my waist can you believe that!! If you’re not screaming right now — check you temperature cause you might as well be dead! What a treasure OMG I’m jumping for joy cause I am about to share the whole technique with you today for nothing – I told you I was crazy LOL!

This Treasure is your Pleasure….

What you’ll need are the following essentials to do a (at home body wrap)

  • Albolene (moisturizing) makeup remover available at CVS and Walgreens (like the one pictured below).
  • Spanx Open Bust Body Suite (tight fitted)  like the one pictured here… available at CVS and Walgreens any Department Store (Lingerie section)
  • Sweater made of cotton (heavy sweaters are best) available anywhere sweaters are sold…. hah hah!
  • An Elliptical or Treadmill or simply your outdoor terrain whatever!

Duration of the Wrap (20-minutes)

ImageSimply begin by applying the Albolene to your waist, stomach, back, and underneath the bust (avoid) the buttocks area. Pleased use the moisturizing albolene cream generously the more the better massaging into the skin.

Next, you’ll slip on some of those Spanx and afterwards throw on a sweater and some jogging pants!

Now hop on that treadmill or elliptical you bunny this is when the fun begins!! Now go hard with the highest intensity workout for just 20 minutes to your favorite Beyonce track or whatever makes your head bang! Now, as you start dripping in that sweet sweat imagine those pounds melting away at your waistline because that’s exactly what’s happening. Followup with eight warm glasses of water the same day! Repeat 3’x per week until you’ve done seven wraps in total.

Remember to measure yourself before and after to track your results. Now do me a favor, drop me a line and tell me how the Albolene body wrap thing worked for you. I really want to know aright? Stay tuned for my next blog about “No New Friends” till then stay curvy fit ladies!

Forever Bomb — Sexy JAZ @herbal tropics

Watch this funny video on youtube about Albolene Body Wrapping:

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    Terri on my leader just lose my stomach and I’m on my leg I’m going to lose but I need your help please help me lose this weight thank you have a nice day Thank you

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