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What would the Black Barbie look like in Real Life

What would Barbie be in real lifeScreen shot 2013-08-28 at 6.24.17 PM

Teenage girls that are being told by society that if there not skinny they’re fat what kind of brainwashing is this? In fact most women are idolized for being petite, small or “skinny”, but not many are recognized for just being “healthy”. Fashion played a major role in making skinny popular but times sure have changed. Clothing is now being designed to fit full figured hips and booties, like the scrunch butt bikini to accommodate  and the curvy jeans by Levis to name a few.

Our society paints a picture that being skinny is the best way to be. Tho we all come in different shapes and sizes television, social networks, and other media outlets glorify women who are overall smaller. More important young teen girls need to know that every body is different and that is what makes each person unique. Not every women will look like Barbie or even get close but to know that we are all our own type of beautiful, there no need for idolizing dolls, actress, etc.  Having curves is the new skinny and not everyone is born curvacious, so those who are “shaped like a coke bottle” should hone their shape and wear it well.Most celebrities are not skinny, but those celebrities who are considered A list are and it causes women to feel they don’t fit in with what society deems “sexy” or “beautiful“. A study, from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, found that teenage girls who are not fat, but feel they are, became overweight as adults. Even the Journal of Obesity found that nearly a quarter of normal weight girls involved in the study felt they were fat. Fat is what gives women those luscious curves that drive men crazy.

Does the fashion industry, media and society do this to our girls and later to us in life? YES!  I know my skinny underweight 10 year old asked me if she was fat pulling her loose skin on her belly. At first I thought she was joking but I quickly realized she was dead serious. As a mother, of 40 something, I struggle constantly with my weight. I can never get to my ideal weight as stated on the chart. I guess I just have to work with what I have and be happy and somehow convey that to my daughter. The days of skinny being popular are over, there are millions of women. This means there are millions of different shapes and sizes that we cant choose to have. But we do have the power to love the skin were in and empower others to do the same. Any way you see it  our curves  make us individuals.

Do Men Prefer Skinny Women???

And the verdict is “They don’t”. This may explain why you won’t see those frail thin fashion models in Playboy Magazine

According to the article in “Psychology Today” Men strongly prefer women who have 30% of fat in their body weight but only if it is distributed in their hips, buttocks, and thighs with a little waist like sexy Playboy Playmate Tanyka Renee who by the way has used our trusted Moriche Palm Diet to keep her gorgeous shapely curves!

Tanyka ReneeScientific studies do show that women who have more body fat (in the right areas) such as the buttocks and hips can better care for there unborn child – who would have thought? Omega-3 fats, are vital for the growth of an unborn baby, the essential fatty acids are accumulated in the hips and thighs of woman, then are released during pregnancy and nursing. It’s not a wonder why girls on the internet these days are talking about ‘getting a bigger butt’ by simply adding more Omega fatty 3’s and flaxseed to their diet haha hah this is kind funny of funny but there’s a method to getting a bigger butt without surgery. Research also shows that 75% of women report that they feel more sexier with a bigger booty than without. Curves really do have appeal ,so all those sexy Playboy playmates didn’t just wake up being the main attraction of most men; it’s really their curves (in the right places) that makes them so tempting in the eyes of their male counterparts.

Ideally woman who weren’t as fortunate to be born with hips like JLO and and curves like Beyonce only had the option of invasive plastic surgery to enhance their shapes. If you’re looking to getter a better booty learn how you can achieve a natural lift with our the ‘Moriche Palm Diet‘ made from real Brazilian subtropical fruits and berries email us today at  CONTACT US TODAY  for more information.

Take the Poll do you Know what Men Like???

Booty Fit (3-Tips) to Enhances a Better Booty!

You want a firm, round, & perkier backside and we got all the tricks to help you achieve just that!

When researching the best booty shaping products/programs and supplements on the market today here’s what we found.

#1 The Moriche Palm Diet!

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.38.22 AMA popular diet from Brazilian Diet just arrived off the boat with a BAANG and more than celebrities are taking the supplement and herbal cream combo kit to get a FIT BOOTY naturally! Containing the rich and tropical nutrients from the Amazon forrest to help you trim the fat from your waist while accentuating a more curvier backside in just weeks. HOW IT WORKS: Using a natural hormone stimulation to help you contour the curves to your hips and buttocks while utilizing the antioxidants and fiber from the natural ingredients to detox the body. I simply love this product cause it works like a dream to boost your backside in as little as 6 weeks!

#3  WRAP it up Tight!

The mummy treatment is back and more women are getting body wraps to help them slim and trim there waistlines in just one session. The body wrapping technique is great for losing inches by isolating the areas that you want to trim. Now I love to utilize the power of new technology by wrapping my body using the INFRARED technology! Now you can trim fat and burn up to 800 calories in one body wrap session. When searching for the right body wrapping treatment look for the treatment that combines body wrapping with infrared slimming technology to help you sweat out toxins while trimming fat naturally. I love wrapping my stomach/waist, arms, and thigh (upper) except for my butt because I want to contour my shape to accentuate the curves to my backside.

Benefits of Infrared Slimming Wraps: 

  • Burn up to 800 calories per session
  • Eliminate toxins, promote inch loss, and minimize cellulite
  • Sculpt a better booty by wrapping only your upper thighs, stomach, arms and except for the butt.

#2 Sculpt a Great Booty in just 20 minutes!

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 2.52.39 PMDominica Erica Westling is a gorgeous Swedish model turned Hollywood actress, she is mostly known for co-starring as herself on the first season of the TV reality show “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?”OMG, this little swedish beauty Dominica Westling has got a body on her that won’t QUIT her booty is just DYNAMITE and we love that!

You will love shaping your booty by working out with Dominica she delivers an easy that focuses on the building your gluteus maximus muscles while giving your a quick cardio workout! All you women who want that booty that just pops follow the sexy Dominica on youtube channel at

What is cellulite????…………..How can I get rid of it????

Cellulite of the Stars

Cellulite of the Stars (Photo credit: Better Than Bacon)

Cellulite and the dimples that you see are stored toxins in your fat that help minimize how many toxins go your vital organs.  An unhealthy lifestyles, genetic predisposition and hormones are some of the reasons we get cellulite.  Skinny people with unhealthy lifestyles are more at risk of having their vital organs invaded with toxins.


Although we want a bigger behind, we do not want the cellulite that sometimes follows ‘Yuck’! However, now you can fight cellulite with the power of The Moriche Palm Herbal Dietformulated with antioxidants found inside the fresh berries from Brazil that naturally detox the body while providing a nutritional formula that can help you slim down and shape a better body all while ridding yourself of cellulite.

 The Moriche Palm Diet is a complete 2-step program that combines our herbal supplements and herbal cream (buttocks contouring cream) to maximize your results in just weeks! Now you can finally achieve your best body ever by naturally detoxing to help you slim and tone your middle section, while accentuating the curves to backside all while smoothing away cellulite and those ugly dimples.

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At Home Body Wraps (no joking matter)

Home body wraps are you kidding me, you might ask?Image

NO, NO, NO, I’m serious… I’m doing this because I’m crazy darn it! If I wasn’t I would say so! In just a few moments you’ll discover how I went for a 29inch waist to a 26inch waist (without) surgery! Yiikkkes that’s some serious numbers ladies continue reading….

I was at the spa one day and some super sweet girl conveyed to me just how she dropped inches from her waist right before a boxing match. She swore by this sacred slimming secret, and that only professional boxers knew of it – that’s was until now of course. So, the boxer chic coaxed me into trying this at home slimming wrap for myself and guess what? I found the the wrap thing to be pretty neat for two reason #1 is was cheap and #2 it was easy to follow and kinda of fun!

When I discovered this (easy at home) body wrapping technique i thought what the heck it couldn’t hurt to give this a try! Skeptical at first but desperate I gave it shot! OMG in was just what I’ve been praying for. Now when I notice a difference after one wrap no lie, and that my waist was smaller, I super motivated me to keep going so guess what I did? I kept going, and after seven wraps, in 2-weeks, I had lost a whooping three inches from my waist can you believe that!! If you’re not screaming right now — check you temperature cause you might as well be dead! What a treasure OMG I’m jumping for joy cause I am about to share the whole technique with you today for nothing – I told you I was crazy LOL!

This Treasure is your Pleasure….

What you’ll need are the following essentials to do a (at home body wrap)

  • Albolene (moisturizing) makeup remover available at CVS and Walgreens (like the one pictured below).
  • Spanx Open Bust Body Suite (tight fitted)  like the one pictured here… available at CVS and Walgreens any Department Store (Lingerie section)
  • Sweater made of cotton (heavy sweaters are best) available anywhere sweaters are sold…. hah hah!
  • An Elliptical or Treadmill or simply your outdoor terrain whatever!

Duration of the Wrap (20-minutes)

ImageSimply begin by applying the Albolene to your waist, stomach, back, and underneath the bust (avoid) the buttocks area. Pleased use the moisturizing albolene cream generously the more the better massaging into the skin.

Next, you’ll slip on some of those Spanx and afterwards throw on a sweater and some jogging pants!

Now hop on that treadmill or elliptical you bunny this is when the fun begins!! Now go hard with the highest intensity workout for just 20 minutes to your favorite Beyonce track or whatever makes your head bang! Now, as you start dripping in that sweet sweat imagine those pounds melting away at your waistline because that’s exactly what’s happening. Followup with eight warm glasses of water the same day! Repeat 3’x per week until you’ve done seven wraps in total.

Remember to measure yourself before and after to track your results. Now do me a favor, drop me a line and tell me how the Albolene body wrap thing worked for you. I really want to know aright? Stay tuned for my next blog about “No New Friends” till then stay curvy fit ladies!

Forever Bomb — Sexy JAZ @herbal tropics

Watch this funny video on youtube about Albolene Body Wrapping:

Curvy is the new Skinny???

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 4.38.53 PMSay what!!!! Oh babe times have certainly changed… tell us what you think? And if you’re wondering which do men prefer we’ve got the scoop; find out how you can DIET like the celebs and get that killer body that rapper Big Sean talks about continue reading…

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Moriche Palm Diet Reviews…


ImageBefore trying the Moriche Palm Diet I was horribly modified with my obese body after have my second child. My stomach just looked and also felt nasty, with a waist size at 33 inches wide I was miserable. The Moriche palm diet supplements suppressed my appetite and gave me energy while the herbal cream lifted and shaped my backside and in just two months my figure changed drastically! finally I have a much slimmer waist line and my buttocks is a lot firmer, shapelier, and rounder than its ever been before!!

OMG … I love this diet because it helps women like myself lose the weight without losing my shape. READ MORE

I’ve been striving all my life for a brick house body like Beyonce. For years I have been combining my healthy eating habits with working out. But it wasn’t enough… after struggling with issues to improve my shape without surgery, I opted for the Brazilian Body Enhancement! The supplements not only helped me grow a bigger and more shapely butt, it also helped me to loose weight without loosing my curves. Now all of my friends and my family are so excited to try the Moriche Palm Brazilian diet, I have told everybody about this amazing product and how it has helped me to achieve that sexy curvaceous figure I’ve been striving for. – Tatiana Montgomery (18 years old) Continue Reading..


These are just some of the very successfully testimonials of our customers… now you can look and feel your very best with the all natural Brazilian Moriche Palm Diet! This amazing diet is the hottest diet in America that’s helping women shape up and shape out beautiful curves in just 30 days for just $79.99!

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“Ladies, when you get my age sometimes it’s hard to keep that Body Banging! I work out hard and I eat well but sometimes is just not enough, you need a little something extra week at my age and I’ve found that something extra in this product. It just makes my body look amazing, almost like it that when I was 21 years old. My breasts are firmer they sit up tall, and my hips and buttocks is full or a more shapely than it’s ever been. I could tell you all day long how happy I am with my results but you never know into you try the product yourself. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by this product is amazing and best of all is all-natural and 100% safe and effective.” —Rebecca Sanchez (42 years old)  Continue Reading….

“oh my gosh… as a model I get paid to look good. So when I started taking the supplements and I noticed that my butt no longer talks when I walk – I was jumpingImage for joy! This amazing cream firmed and toned my jiggly butt and thighs while making my shape stand out! My waist was slimmer and my buttocks firmer and fuller honey this product has done more for my figure than diet and exercise could ever do!! Now I call that a miracle pill! I am spreading the word because for just $59.99 you could get a banging body like this without risking your life on the cutting board. If you don’t have the money to spend on these wonderful products just remember having a body that gets you noticed is priceless!” – Christian Macauley (29 years old)  Continue Reading…..

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Xoxo Coco

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