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Social Media Wants To Add You As Their Frenemy

my frenemy? yeah, that’s just not going to work out…

Back in the day, I was soooo against word mash-ups like brangelina and broseph and that’s quite enough already, bleh. But the word frenemy actually DOES make a lot of sense… although once you understand it fully, it can bum you out as you realize how many are in your “circles” 😦

But enough about that, what I really wanted to ramble about is the two words never thought to have been put side by side up until a few years ago- Two words that now define us as individuals, turn us into BRANDS, consume our livelyhood and, most importantly, can LITERALLY make or break us in as little as one little tweet- SOCIAL MEDIAshare

For those of you in the job marketplace, please pause for a moment to heed these sad stats and hopefully learn a thing or two about the Do’s/Don’ts of Social Media.

First up is a recent news clip reported by Los AngelesTV StationKTLA (click title below):

“1 in 4 Young Adults Regret Social Media Posts”

Like how I gave the bad news first?

Well then, let’s end this on a google plus, so here’s an extremely chaotic, complex, meticulously crafted, yet ridiculously informative infographic for your future conquests in the real world:


Hottie Fitness Model Rosa Acosta Represents Moriche Palm Diet!

Love to love you Rosa Acosta!!!

Hip-Hop Video Vixen Turned Fitness Model, Rosa Acosta, Becomes Official Brand Ambassador for Moriche Palm Diet


International fitness model and former hip-hop video vixen, Rosa Acosta, will be the official celebrity brand ambassador for the Moriche Palm Diet line by Herbal Tropics. Acosta will be joining the ranks of other celebrity brand ambassadors to help promote the newly emerging two-step diet supplement line. “We are thrilled that Rosa Acosta made the decision to become the face of The Moriche Palm Diet. Her work as a fitness model encompasses the fresh and positive image that our diet promotes— staying fit and shapely.” – Alexa Cruz, Partner at Herbal Tropics Best known for her beautiful and curvaceous figure, Acosta has been featured in several hip-hop music videos, fitness magazines, workout videos, and has created her own collection of active wear: Body by Rosa.

“As a Fitness model, my goal was to stay healthy and fit while keeping my curves. With Moriche Palm Diet, I have found the right balance between toned and sexy!” – Rosa Acosta


The Los Angeles-based nutritional company, Herbal Tropics, is embracing their holistic approach to weight loss and body contouring. Founded in January 2013, the Brazilian supplement line has explored this world of natural health and beauty. Herbal Tropics burst into the health and fitness world with a passion to help women regain confidence and pride in their bodies by embracing their curves with a new, healthy Brazilian lifestyle.

The Moriche Palm Diet embraces a holistic diet philosophy that supports natural body shaping. 100% stimulant and caffeine free, the Moriche Palm Diet is intended to bring nutritional balance back to the body and support more effective weight management.

Check Rosa out in action! Here’s one of her famous fitness vid’s:

Rosa Acosta will be making her debut as the Moriche Palm Diet brand ambassador in Life and Style Magazine, which hits newsstands on July 26, 2013!

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2013

Best of Brazil!- Top 10 Picks From Paradise :)


The body shop


Melissa sandals
$185 –

Havaianas flip flops

Charlotte Olympia tote bag

Rodial sun care

Body cleanser

Moriche Palm

Moriche Palm

Brazilian Landscapes

Cur(fit)ness Tips For Your Brazil-Bod

It’s time to sucka-punch those food portions and make your meals meaningful!The Cabana Dance

Here are some daily dose food & fitness helpful hints from Moriche Palm:


So like, we’re not trying to scold on you on WHAT you are eating- Our prerogative is to educate on HOW MUCH you serve your sexy self.
For food portions, the simple rule of thumb is to keep EVERY meal portion no bigger than the size of your fist. Your hand size is related to your body size, making it an excellent portable and personalized way to measure and track food intake. I.E. My aunt recently had gastric bypass surgery and told me her doctor surgically tailored her stomach to that exact same shape (now I know why they do that!). I just ran across this cute little gadget that helps guide your portions properly, it’s called the Meal Measuredetails(FYI, don’t bust this out at a fine dining restaurant or use as a cup holder for that big gulp you shouldn’t be drinking!)


Green Tea is considered one of the best and most efficient (all NATURAL) weight loss enhancers out there and is packed with powerful elements-
Okay, so my Japanese husband grew up with this on a daily over in Tokyo. I am not saying this is why he can seriously eat ANYTHING and never gain an ounce (but maybe I am…), I am telling you though that I see living proof of this metabolic phenomenon every waking morning 🙂
Iced-GreenTea-Latte-221-1024x1024Here’s how you can take your tea-

  • Have a sippie cup of hot in the morning- I like mines with some vanilla soy milk (yum yum!)
  • Bring a thermos with you to the office and throw some ice over it with a drizzle of honey for lunch
  • Have some in the late afternoon (minus the crumpets)

***FYI, try to steer clear of the green tea night cap- this drink has caffeine!!!


Take control of those curves by mastering your fitness regime:

Increase Your Cardio: If you have any or none of the above going on in your lives right now, keep in mind in order to eat what you like (at said portion-size of course!), you MUST practice mobility and flexibility at every opportunity. This CAN be easy to conquer-

  • Just walk your dog an extra lap around the parkshutterstock5(2)(Just HAD to throw this pic in because it is simply adorbs!)
  • If you don’t have a dog, walk your grandma or your lonesome self with your fave ipod tunes- it’s all good!
  • Opt to catch the bus to work instead of driving

You would be surprised at how much cardio can be accomplished without even thinking!

Ima leave you with that for today.

Beckie Lynn


Calorie Countdown: What Goes Down in Just TEN Minutes?

So, who woulda thought gabbing on your cellie could ACTUALLY burn calories?!!

Well ladies, statistics show that a mere (but very surprising) 17 calories are burned every 10 minutes of talking! Try doing some squats while you’re on the phone, yeah!

Here’s some other numbers for your next phone convo:


Legit Choco-Snacks For Your Trim Tummies

pGNC1-10067049dt PowerPakPudding_Choc_box2For realsies, this pudding packs a powerful punch!

Ok, so we are not trying to jock TOO hard on this stuff but in all actuality we pretty much are… These puddings are a woman’s fitness dream come true! Here’s the skinny:

  • They aren’t chalky/clumpy/barfy like those “chocolate” protein shakes (not sayin’ names, you guys know who you are!

  • They fill you up in all the right ways by giving your tummy REAL chocolate status as well as complete your in-between-meal-snack cravings

Other Deets (from the website):

Power Pak Pudding is the best tasting convenient and nutritious snack available and doesn’t require and refrigeration or preparation before eating. Just pop off the top and enjoy the rich, smooth taste of real pudding! It’s a perfect addition to any low carb diet and is great for snacking or as a nourishing, satisfying, high protein dessert. Power Pak Pudding is an excellent alternative to snack foods or protein bars when you’re craving a delicious, healthy and enjoyable high protein treat.

Now, you can enjoy a tasty, satisfying snack without the guilt, MHP’s ready-to-eat Power Pak Pudding is a delicious treat that nourishes your muscles for a fit and trim body. It’s the ultimate mouth-watering indulgence for anyone who’s on the go, but wants to eat healthy and stay in great shape.

Rich and creamy Power Pak Pudding provides 30 grams of supreme quality protein with no sugar and only 9 grams of carbs. It’s a nutritious and delicious way to get the protein you need without the high calories, trans fats and sugar alcohols found in typical high protein snack bars.

  • 30g of Protein
  • Zero Sugar
  • Low Carb
  • Lactose Free
  • Only 190 calories
  • No Sugar Alcohol
  • Low Fat
  • No Trans Fat
  • 500mg Calcium


We Heart Claudia Jordan!

“Claudia is Ab Fab at 40!”

The Los Angeles natural dietary supplement company Herbal Tropics has recently signed “Celebrity Apprentice” alum and fitness beauty Claudia Jordan to be one of the official brand ambassadors of their new Moriche Palm Diet. Jordan will be appearing in a series of advertisements shot by Miami- based celebrity photographer Brian Smith to promote the supplement line.claudia-jordan

“We are very excited that Claudia Jordan has made the decision to work with Herbal Tropics to help launch the Moriche Palm Diet. She is truly an inspiration to women everywhere that you can look amazing and shape your natural curves at any age.” – Alexa Cruz, Partner at Herbal Tropics

Jordan recently celebrated her 40th birthday, and her fitness regimen has not slowed down.

“For years I struggled with wanting to be fit and still wanting to maintain my curves. I either had to pick one or the other-that is until I started taking the Moriche Palm Diet. I love the fact that I can train as hard as I do and not have to give up my feminine curves! The Moriche Palm Diet helps me have a flat tummy and not have to sacrifice my womanly curves in the process.” – Claudia Jordan

Jordan will be making her debut as the “Moriche Palm Diet Brand Ambassador” in the September 2013 issue of Ebony Magazine.

About Moriche Palm Diet:

  • The Los Angeles- based nutritional company, Herbal Tropics, is embracing their holistic approach to weight loss and body contouring.
  • Founded in January 2013, the Brazilian supplement line has explored this world of natural health and beauty.
  • Herbal Tropics has burst into the health and fitness world with a passion to help women regain confidence and pride in their bodies by embracing their curves with a new, healthy Brazilian lifestyle.

The Moriche Palm Diet has a lighter, healthier and holistic diet philosophy that supports natural body shaping with stimulant and caffeine free ingredients that are intended to bring nutritional balance back to the body to support more effective weight management.

Read more aboutCelebrity Apprentice Star Claudia Jordan Promotes Moriche Palm Diet

Fab Facts About Claudia:

  • Jordan was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to an Italian mother and an African-American father (Claudia’s parents met when her father was in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in Brindisi, Italy)
  • Aside from Claudia Jordan’s modeling career, she is also known for her Celebrity Personality on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, and has appeared in a number of popular Award Shows such as:
  • Claudia is also a former co-host on Jamie Foxx‘s radio show “The Foxxhole” on SiriusXM and former host of her own SiriusXM radio Show “The Claudia Jordan Show” on the Foxxhole Comedy Network.
  • She is currently making her second appearance on the hit NBC TV Show “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice”

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