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I’m That BootyChick!

Screenshot 2013-12-22 18.31.10If You’re A BOOTYCHICK Like MEEE… then you’ll love the new MorichePalm (Brazilian Backside) workout video! Featuring sexy bootybydom fitness trainer Dominica Westling.

Yes, we’re going to keep your booty-fit… just follow our MorichePalmDiet and this amazing workout video and we promise you’ll keep that ((curve)), visit us online at MorichePalmDiet for more information! Forever SexyFit with MorichePalmDiet now available at select GNC Stores!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

That time is already here for making your New Years resolution:

Whatever your goals were this year, your ideas, and whatever it was that kept you determined is a thing of the pass because this year is already gone and over with! Now it’s time set some new goals, new expectations, and determination to get you there!

A New Year’s resolution is all about striving harder to achieve greater success and to do better than you did before. Whatever your goals were this year for losing the weight, contouring your body, and or looking and feeling more fit, now is the time to take those goals up a notch or two! Let’s strive for perfection and aim for excellence! And with that being said let’s go into this new year with a burning passion to more sexier, healthier, and more fit than we’ve ever been in our entire lives! If you tried to achieve perfection you need to try the amazing MorichePalmDiet because it will help you get there, not only will it contour the body but it also slims along with buttocks sculpting, now that’s something to smile about! Really it’s no other diet like it on the market today, and you need this awesome diet if you’re setting your expectations high for 2014 because we’ll help you reach for the sky, Thankyou all!

The Good Fat Vs. The Bad Fat

Screenshot 2014-01-09 16.13.03Not all Fat is Bad Fat!

Our mothers used to say a little fat is (not) bad for you, and the truth is, it really isn’t. We need some good fat in our bodies to help us keep beautiful and shapely hourglass figure. Just think about it, I am sure Marilyn Monroe was not sitting around eating salads all day. Curvaceous women achieve their shapes by eating healthy food that’s rich in good fats, proteins, carbs, and fiber, besides our diets must have some fat, that is ‘good fat’ of course to maintain a healthy weight.

Dietary fat is one of today’s most controversial health topics. “Low-fat”, “reduced-fat” and “no-fat” product labels abound, as do warnings to avoid “bad fats” and advice to eat more “good fats”. Then there’s the issue of how “good fats” become “bad fats” when heated beyond a certain temperature.

 This all gets extremely confusing, so how can we make it simple and helpful? Fat is an absolutely essential dietary component. The “good fats” are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are extremely important to the nervous system, play a huge role in mental sharpness, act as an energy source and even promote healthy weight.A widespread problem is that our diets typically consist of an unhealthy imbalance of too little of the “good fats” and too much of the “bad fats”, which are saturated and Trans fats. These are the culprits behind the diseases attributed to fats, such as clogged arteries, bulging waistlines, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. Think of fat as being divided into four classes:

 Screenshot 2014-01-10 07.10.32Good Fats’ Does a Body Good!

Avocados, eggs, nuts, olive oil, and fatty fish like Salmon are all good for us. These fatty foods supplies the body with essential nutrients like the omega-3,6, and 9’s that feed our brain and other organs, also essential fatty acids from the omegas protect the heart and raise good cholesterol levels.

The Skinny on Good Fats

Consuming the ‘good fats’ is really easy, and all you need to do is opt for healthy fats like raw peanut butter, olive oil, avocados, eggs, lean, Greek yogurt, protein like Salmon and Poultry just to name a few. Also, opting for cooking your foods in light oils (like avocado and oil oil), instead of butter or grease. Also, try to avoid preparing your food in the wrong ways, food preparations is very important to maintaining the quality and healthiness of your foods, you should avoid deep frying, burning, or overcooking your foods to preserve the nutrient density and natural fats in your foods. Deep frying cooks foods at an extremely (high temperature) that actually changes the composition of the fats in the food from monounsaturated fats that help protect against heart disease to saturated trans fat that raises bad cholesterol  (LDL’s) low density lipoproteins that increase the risk of obesity, and type 2 diabetes.


So as you can see not all fat is bad, so next time you’re opting for a healthy meal remember the fat is not always a bad thing. To Learn more about the good and bad fats please go pick up our CURVYFIT GUIDE the guide has tips on eating healthy for a curvier body type, learn what five healthy foods sculpt a better butt and slimmer waistline. check us this guide today!

Thanksgiving Day – NO Diet Sabotage

It’s finally upon us right that dreaded Turkey Day! And you’re probably wondering what am I going to do?!! Well, my best advise to my bootybabes out there is to (stay encouraged), because you have come such a long way on your journey’s to success and I don’t want to see you fail! Your efforts to lose weight and improve the shape of your bodies are things to congratulate yourselves for babes. You have already adapting to a more fit and healthy lifestyle, now is the time to keep that momentum going because your efforts are finally paying you off in a form of check made out to your CONFIDENCE! Thanksgiving is here, but don’t let that be a distraction because you have a purpose – take a moment to reflect this thanks giving on all your efforts, dedication, and hard work that’s gotten you here thus far see the victory in that to prevent sabotaging what you have worked hard for.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 4.39.20 PM

Thanksgiving is nothing more than a holiday of thankfulness for all things that you’re grateful for! And boobtybabes, that’s all you right there! You should be most grateful that you’ve successfully stuck with your Moriche Palm Diet and Body Workout plan – you’ve finally lost the weight and your body is SEXYFIT & BOOTYLICIOUS; and guess what you should be thankful because you worked hard for that!

Reflect back on the way you used to feel when you had no hope and you thought surgery was the only option. Now look at you! Not only do you look better but you feel a whole lot better too! You should be thankful for that; really hard work pays off GREAT dividends the investment in really in your health and happiness, and such an investment is priceless!  That why I want you to reflect back, the journey is never easy but the results are worth it!  All those long nights in the gym, that early AM workouts nearly killed you; but you made it through (like the girl on fire)! Keep striving bootybabe because you’re almost there!

Now that you’ve made it through the storm “bootybabes” its time to fight for your superwoman powers and get the supernatural strength to help you stay focused this thanksgiving! That’s right put that flowing cape on your back and fight for your booty! Because another day simply means you’re closer to a NEW YOU! Oh yeah girl you’re on fire, and I’ve got three tips that every bootybabe MUST READ to stay on track to a healthier and happier You!

3-Simple Yet Smart Tips for Staying on Track this Thanksgiving.

NUMBER ONE: Take a multivitamin today with (ALL) your meals. The reason multivitamins are first on my anti-sabotage list is because most people don’t eat whole and completely nutritious meals. I understand the importance of regulating the body to keep it operating efficiently – vitamins help numerously with energy, insulin, and metabolism regulation. Vitamins and Minerals supply mostly all the energy and nutrients that the body needs to optimize itself for the day. Most people don’t get their (full-spectrum) of vitamins and minerals that the body needs from one complete meal source. Reason being most people can’t even afford to eat whole and complete meals others don’t know how because they haven’t been educated. Therefore most people are vitamin deficient before even starting their day. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the reason for that is our bodies requires all of its vitamins, protein, and minerals first thing in the morning to optimize itself for the rest of the day.  However when we skip breakfast, we skip the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to regulate our system efficiently, often times we leave our body running on empty fuel. And really it’s not the food that body needs, it the nutrients from it that’s crucial. Therefore, bootybabes foods with empty calories like junk, fast, and poor quality foods really don’t count for optimizing our bodies. This why even more so it’s important to supplement with a full spectrum multivitamin daily to get the most nutrients our bodies need and require!

What happens when we don’t take a multivitamin before starting our day? When we don’t get the proper vitamins and minerals before starting our day – our system crashes at about midday, this is right around lunch time when we began feeling weak and sluggish. Our metabolism cannot operate any longer and significant drops along with our insulin levels. And that’s when we began to CRASH, we start craving junk foods, that we feed our bodies with, which is nothing more than (empty calories). We sabotage ourselves by depriving the body of the vitamins and minerals it needs to run efficiently. Even worse many of us go throughout the entire day mistaking our junk food cravings for fatty and sweet foods for hunger, when what we really are is deficient of vitamins and minerals. To prevent vitamin deficencies, remember to take a multivitamin with every meal – as you can see how important doing so is. This thanksgiving you can prevent diet sabotage by starting your day off with a light healthy breakfast and a multivitamin. Because thanksgiving is a day when people tend to overindulge it’s important to take your multivitamins with every single meal today. Oh and please don’t forget your MorichePalm supplements to keep that body sexy, shapely, and fit.

NUMBER TWO:  Make yourself a RAW /SUGAR FREE Canberry / Blueberry juice cocktail blend. You can buy cranberry and blueberry juice concentrate (with no sugar added) from your local health food or nutrition store. Mix the two concentrated juices together half and half into a large pitcher adding 16 ounces of distilled water. Keep the juice refrigerator for freshness and serve chilled.  This thanksgiving you can prevent diet sabotage by indulging on cranberry/blueberry cocktail juice instead of alcohol. Remember alcohol is higher in calories which spells trouble for our sexy little waistline – I personally feel you can go without it! So, try to turn-up this holiday without alcohol instead opt for some cranberry-blue cocktail blend it’s better on your waistline and the antioxidants from the berries will help you lose weight more successfully over the holidays rather than gain weight. Drink 2-3 cups throughout the day and with meals.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.38.22 AMNUMBER THREE: Exercise, this is strongly suggested. Just because it’s a holiday that doesn’t mean you can skip your workout bootybabes, I’m sorry! This is (not) a sufficient excuse, in fact it’s really the best time to workout! Remember it will be your most efficient workout of the year, I can promise you that for sure. I recommend going for a  hiking or doing something outdoors to get your cardio burn for the day.  Something fun like roller blading, hiking, jogging, or running on the sand can help you stay fit while having fun! You may also find pleasure in hitting the gym for 45minutes – whatever it takes bootybabes DON’T SKIP that workout on thanksgiving! We promise it will be worth it.

There you have it, three little simple yet smart tips to keep you looking SEXYFIT this holiday, follow these tips and you’ll be happy and healthy all year long! Herbal Tropics and the Moriche Palm Diet team wishes you all a very safe, happy, and healthy thanksgiving!


Better Body Type Naturally

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 8.22.46 AM

Your body type is your genetics, Now you can finally change that?

With the new Brazilian Moriche Palm Diet is the secret achieving a more shapely hourglass figure! Formulated with the best of Brazil’s natural ingredients derived from real exotic fruits and berries that boost up a sluggish metabolism to slim and tone your midsection while contouring shapelier physique!

Many women are loving this hourglass diet because it helping them lose weight without losing their natural curves while it also enhances a better body type and shape without surgery! Thanks to the diet you can take advantage Brazil’s Curvy Diet… Try it today with $15.00 off/ the regular price | Call Now 800-613-1032 or | http://www.mypalmdiet.com

It’s not a look, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

The only trusted diet used by more models in Brazil to Sculpt & Shape Beautiful Curves!

Do your enlarged waistline need little help, or do your backside need some firming or contouring? If so, then you should try the Brazil’s hottest diet in America that’s helping women achieve sexy, shapely, and beautiful curves naturally! This brazilian diet is formulated with 5 advanced SUPER FOODS and organic ingredients that stimulant hormones while boosting your metabolism to Fill-Out, Enhance, and Round-Out Your Backside Into Bubble Butt Form all while Shrinking Stubborn Belly Fat! All you need is Brazil’s Curvy Diet to achieve your PERFECT FORM TO YOUR SHAPE!

Who Needs Our Curvy Diet? Our diet is recommend for women only who already have curves to keep and maintain your shapely form, and you also for women who need some enhancement, or (don’t) have curves to achieve the perfect form to your backside naturally without surgery!

Imagine a rounder firmer buttocks in just 30-days with Moriche Palm’s Brazilian Backside Diet!couponcode_ad1 Call for more information Now

Toll-Free | 1-800-613-1032 | http://www.mypalmdiet.com

Save 20%off your next order when your use code: HOTBODY

My Body Is My Moneymaker!

moriche-adGet that Early AM Workout Over With Before 7:00AM!

You may wonder why some people put in a bit more work in the gym than others. For me, my body is my moneymaker, and over time the more I workout and take care of my body, my stock goes up. I know that looking good is a plus for me, I enhance my looks to feel good about myself and increase my confidence!

Workouts are not just good for the body but they are also great for the (mind) and your self-confidence. Beauty must come from the inside-out, gaining that inner glow that shines bright like a diamond, because confidence is everything! You must be dedicated to get up early in the morning and work out. So put in that extra work tomorrow morning, and work out to get that body right at the start of every morning! Motivation is the key so make sure you keep yourself motivated whatever it takes, stay inspired daily to be the best you can be!  Imagine living every day in perfection to be the best you can be! Here’s a couple of quick motivation tricks that can help you achieve your best body ever all year long.

Daily Motivators!

  1. Keep your music playlist updated daily with (good music) to keep you motivated to workout daily!
  2. Buy a new Bikini, this always help you stay motivated to keep fit without losing inspiration along the way!
  3. Find a workout buddy to partner up with. Working out is fun when you have a friend to help you along the way.
  4. Take a picture of yourself full body! Pictures inspire you to achieve better results over time!
  5. Order the Moriche Palm Diet to help you lose weight naturally while defining shapely curves to your figure!

To learn more about our diet, please contact us at 800-613-1032 or visit us online at MORICHE PALM DIET.

Savor the Flavor without the Calories

Delicious Healthy Grilled ChickenTacos only 500 calories:

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 1.59.02 PM

Don’t compromise flavor for taste, this healthy recipe is big on taste but low on calories. All you need for this recipe is the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 lbs of Grilled Boneless Skin Less Chicken Breast Filet
  • Salt & Pepper Seasoning
  • 1 Red and Green Pepper
  • 1 Avocados
  • 1/4 cup of Salsa, 1/3 cup of Cottage Cheese
  • 1 Cup of Brown Rice
  • 2 Corn Tortillas
  • Coconut Oil

Begin by steaming your brown rice first while your rice is cooking start slicing all your veggies fajita style, start with your red & green peppers followed by your avocados. Next, begin slicing your chicken breast into fajita style adding a pinch of salt and pepper. Next, warm a spoonful of coconut oil into a skillet over medium heat next, add your raw sliced chicken along with your red and green peppers, cook until meat is tender and slightly brown on each side.

Serve your grilledchicken on side with the peppers. Next, begin browning your tortilla on the stove top using a pinch of olive or coconut oil. After the tortillas are browned then serve along side the chicken with the your salsa, cottage cheese, and avocados on a separate plate. 

  • Serving Size: Two Tacos
  • Calories: 500

Finally A Diet that Understands Me! #Moriche Palm Diet Reviews

My name is Coco, and I’m a “bootybabe” who loves the Moriche Palm Diet!

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 11.06.31 AM

Therefore, I need a diet that understands me, one that gets my needs, one that helps me embrace MEEEEE and all my curves, cause I love my curves I don’t care what nobody says!

Oh thank God for this Brazilian Diet, cause I found my miracle diet ((Moriche Palm))… The reason I am so in love with this diet is because of all the benefits first of all it helps me LOSE BELLY FAT, which is superb, and secondly it helps me keep my CURVES! what more could a girl ask for? I don’t know about you, but one thing I can’t live without is (my curves).

Sadly, back in 2007 I went on an extreme diet, kickboxing, turned vegetarian, and lost a whole bunch of weight, but my 34DD Size BUST, 43 inch HIP/BUTTOCKS, and THICK THIGHS went right along with it! UGH, I was so depressed, my boobs were saggy, my booty was flat and sunken and my hips were long gone!!!!

know I’m not alone – any girl who’s ever lost weight and lost her curves along with it, can probably feel my pain! It’s so true that the number complaint most women have about losing weight is losing their curves. And I was one of those women who really hated and dreaded losing my shape after losing weight! And let me just say it’s not just a Black Girl thing, many Latinas, White, and Asian girls have the same dilemma, we all want to lose weight, but don’t want to lose our curves, trust me we all feel the same way… It’s kind of hard for us to compromise our curves in order to fit into a size 4.


Here’s My Story…

In December of 2009, I purposely tried to gain some weight, after losing 25lbs, in an effort to gain my (boobs, and buttocks) back, I started eating everything in site, stopped working out as much, and to my surprise it was a major FAIL, because I ended up gaining all the weight back, mostly around my middle section making my shape look even worst! Unhappy and truly disappointed but too afraid to have surgery, I opted for a natural diet from Brazil that was getting raving reviews online! It was the all natural and stimulant free Moriche Palm Diet which promises to help women keep like me keep our shapes while losing weight YEAH!!! That was all I needed was to lose my belly fat, and gain some sexy curves back! Honestly I didn’t believe it at first, but I had to try this diet, after trying it OMG I was so glade I did! The Moriche Palm Diet helped me lose 3 inches from my waist, all while helping me gain fullness and curvature back to my hips and sunken buttocks naturally. I was so happy, and still am on the diet because I love and it gives me so much energy! I love this diet and all that it offers us women! Be apart of the Curvy Revolution and try the only diet in America that’s changing women’s lives one at time by helping them feel sexy and shapely again!

Order your supply today at http://www.mypalmdiet.com or call now | 800-613-1032


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