Moriche Diet mood is #HAPPY

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Letting all those Happy-Feelings take over! 

Giggles, chuckles, oohlala, jahajahajah, haha, aahhh now that’s HAPPY? Can’t none bring me down right now, after listening to Pharrell’s H.A.P.P.Y song! Yes, it made my DAY, how funny this amazing song is just listening to it can completely change your mood! Gee, I love the song so very much that I honestly think I will play the track every morning before I head off to work! Not a bad idea, the happy song has a real positive effect on the mood, what a way to start your day!

So if you want a FRESH START arise HAPPY my bootybabes and brush your teeth while listening to  “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, it’s sure to put you in a GREAT mood for entire day!

Oh by the way, for kicks can you try doing that silly HAPPY DANCE to the Happy Song like the folks in Pharrell’s video? If you do post it on your social media and tag  #HAPPY247! I’ll be looking for you on my INSTAGRAM and VINE!!!

Moriche Palm Diet is the Ultimate Diet

Screenshot 2014-11-06 12.24.17The Moriche Palm – Dietary Weight Loss Supplements & Body/Buttocks Contouring Creme comes in a complete system for only $79.95!

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REAR VIEW Shape Your Booty and Body Like Rosa Acosta!

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Every girl wants a booty like Rosa Acosta – why not shape yours naturally with the Brazilian Palm Diet.
Get off that butt and work it. Our fun fitness tips include Dancing, Zumba, and TWERKOUTS for an amazing workout coupled with a fun and invigorating experience.  Rosa Acosta takes Moriche Palm everyday to keep her body curvy, slim, and sexyfit. Check out the Moriche Palm Diet online today at

Rita Ora shows off her FLAT TUMMY!!

How To Get Those: Sexy Toned ABS and that Tight Core?! Screenshot 2014-11-14 23.01.50

It must feel good to walk around showing your sexy toned midriff like the gorgeous Rita Ora. Her amazing body has seemingly transformed right before our eyes her sexy toned flat as a wash-board ABS are the center of all attention these days. How does the sexy singer do it- we’ll if you’re wondering here’s what she had to say about her body image...

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“You have to come to terms with loving your body,” she says. “Stand naked in front of the mirror, and say, ‘I’m f—king sexy.’ That’s where it starts.”      

- Rita Ora

 Check out this funny, cool, sexy fit workout by Rita Ora!!

The singing sensation prides herself in working-out  while touring and eating well on the daily!

 Do you want Rita Ora sexy abdominals?

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http://www.morichepalmfScreenshot 2014-11-06


Dominica help “ME” get rid of your muffin top!!

Wanna Get A Flat Tummy?

When most people think “abs,” they think the muffin top that blooms over the top of too-tight pants. But abdominals, a set collectively known as the core, includes the many interconnected muscles that run up the back and stretch down to the butt and the front and inner thighs. Follow this easy workout that can help you tone your tummy, use in conjunction with our new HotPalm TUMMY TUCK cream to melt away your belly fat naturally. Simply apply to stomach while wrapping your tummy in seran wrap for 3 hours. Only $19.00 for this amazing product while following this amazing abdominal toning exercise by Dominica Westling.

Work Those Curves Ladies

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It’s (Beats By) “Dre Day”- Check The New Fitness Vid!

We are just MESMERIZED after getting our dance-on to this latest Beats by Dre YouTube Vid! We already know Dre has the hookups with just about everybody in the game, but this time he has really made a statement by bringing in the “big dogs”. He combined the trending wireless product Powerbeats2 and 5 of the best athletes in the world, including-

LeBron James, Cam Newton, Serena Williams, Zou ShiMing, Alexander Ovechkin, including a new track from Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar & Chantal – in “Ain’t No Game.”

(Published on Oct 29, 2014)
Track: Jay Rock “Pay For It” feat. Kendrick Lamar & Chantal
Produced by Sounwave
Mixed by Ali
Top Dawg Entertainment

Beats Music:

Women Love Curves!

Now you can keep those curves all while Losing Weight with the Brazilian Moriche Palm Diet! 


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